Movies 11 Dine-in at Mill Run

3773 Ridge Mill Dr, Hilliard
(614) 876-5555

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This place is eerie. Walked in and couldn’t find a single employee for at least 10 minutes, we could have just strolled in and seen any movie we wanted to for free, but I had prepaid for the movie and had no idea which theater number it was in. Finally found someone, he was definitely the only person working - ticket stand, bar, and movie screening. Had no idea they didn’t serve food Monday’s, glad we ate beforehand. With the cleanliness issue I don’t think I’d want to eat food cooked here anyway. They served beer but didn’t have a bottle opener behind the bar, so had to wait awhile for the employee to wander about and find one. The lone person working was a very nice guy. And the movie was only $8 for a new release, unheard of nowadays. But this place desperately needs a cleaning and some basic updates…I mean, pretty much half the recliners in our theater didn’t recline at all, and they smelled like dirty kids. If I came back I would bring in my own food, drinks, and disinfectant wipes and you know, it would probably be a pretty solid deal.

Fortunato Acosta

Never been to a dine-in theater, so my expectations were low. The place was good! The burger I ordered was good! The fries and popcorn weren't exactly how I like them(fries were wedges and popcorn was saltier than I personally prefer). Overall was a good experience. Only negative is the hallway to each theater room is a little creepy feeling. Would recommend better lighting here.

Sue Rosenbeck

Different but fun, helpful to the disabled. Good nachos and diet coke! A small operation but enjoyable

Nicolas Burns

I really enjoyed the whole experience. The place has really come up. 10/10

Andrew Vrsan

Let me preface this with I was very excited someone had opened this location back up. I had a lot of memories of this place. I don't usually write poor reviews because usually it is not the fault of the establishment. This is the exact opposite. The front is weird with very little staff. We only actually saw a single staff member. Also apparently they don't serve food other than popcorn on Mondays. When we got into the movie theater it was musty and had an unclean feel. After shining a light around the place appeared to not be cleaned in a very long time. Air conditioning was non existent and it was uncomfortable by the end of the movie. Oh the screen had 2 rips or maybe rot on it and they were extremely distracting. The hallways had weirdly blinking lights that made the whole place feel poat apocalyptic. The bathrooms had cracks and half the urinals had bags over them. I might try again in a few months maybe they will have made improvements. Until then I don't recommend this movie theatre.

Drew Strout

We did the private watch party for My Son's birthday. It was fantastic, the kids had a blast while the parents didn't have to worry if there was a little extra noise! The staff was amazing and the theater was clean. Good option on food menu with reasonable price. We definitely recommend to try. Tuesday they always have $5 specials.

Melanie Fuhrmann

Went to watch Jungle Cruise, because I had never been to a dine-in movie theater before. Will not be returning here. Felt super creepy, almost abandoned. I believe there was only one person working the entire theatre (it is very large with 11 screens), I only saw 2 other people the entirety we were there. Half of the stalls in the bathroom had no toilet paper and had parts of the wall crumbling off. They had office chairs as the chairs in the screen rooms. I have no idea how this theatre is still open. We ordered a popcorn and 2 drinks because that is all we felt safe ordering. Popcorn wasn't very great, even though we were likely the only person there. Also were confused on paying for the food/drinks, we were not approached to pay for them until the end when we were walking past the ticket booth.

Cathy Franklin

The lady who worked the ticket booth was not friendly. She then came into the bar area to work and was arguing with my friend who was asking about happy hour specials. She was not customer service oriented at all!

marie Travis

I took my son to see the 11am showing of Space Jam on Monday. I was excited to take him and have lunch, only to find out on Mondays they don't serve food off the menu, just popcorn, drinks and candy. It did not seem like they were prepared for any customers. The man that met us seemed shocked to see us. When we were seated a young man came to take our order, a small popcorn, a bag of skittles and two drinks. We were an hour into the movie before we got our drinks, and only because I used the button on the table. It was probably another 15 minutes before we got our popcorn and skittles. I am not sure if there were drink prices on the menu or not, generally they're not the most expensive item that you purchase. However, I was shocked to see that my large drink was $5 and my son's small drink was $4. Our small popcorn was only $3.99! Considering how long we waited, it seems a little expensive. There were only 5 people in my theater! When we left our auditorium, I only saw another man and his daughter come out of a different movie. I used to really enjoy coming to this theater, but I will not be back. This was, hands down, the worst service I've ever received! I have never posted a bad review before, because I know everyone has a bad day. I try to extend as much grace and understanding as possible. But this was horrible.

Jarrod Auten

The movie theater is really ran down and front the ticket holder not saying a word and the movie not starting on time it just was a bad experience for the family. The popcorn was cold and the A/C was not working and the they have office chairs for seats. Will definitely not be back was not an enjoyable experience at all!

Jeremy K.

To be clear, I am very protective of my one star reviews. They are special and not to be given out flippantly. You have to earn them...with that in mind. Congratulations Movies 11 Dine-In you've joined an elite club. My son(10) and I were licking our wounds from a let down of a birthday daddy date and I was low on ideas. Movie theater!!!!!! Saved! We rolled up and it wasn't clear that they were open but inside of the doors was a pink handwritten sign that said "come in". That's it. We talked for a few minutes about how the adjacent glass store front looked like an episode of hoarders(floor to ceiling). We did the kind of apprehensive decision deference that two boys asking a girl to dance would do. But you know, the sign said "come in" so we did... We'll, we didn't. Because it was locked. But you know what I mean. A couple of good tugs on the handle clanked and crashed and we were ready to go. "Will he know I'm beat if I get him a happy meal?" I thought as we walked to the car. But just as our HP bar read low health, we hear "should have had your Wheaties, didn't ya?" "Excuse me?" "Alright get in here...." Confusion. "Oh she works here! We can see a movie buddy" "Thanks for letting us in" I said gleefully "Hold on let me get..." (behind the glass must be.) "What movies do you have for this little....." "The scooby doo movie is coming out next week but I don't like that crap" "Oh cool, anything showing while, like, while we're...I" "People say that fast and the furious is good and I don't know..." "He's 10" Her cell phone rings so naturally she says "hey I have to take this....HEY! What are you..."and walks away My little guy looks up to me "can we go" I look for an opening in the conversation so as not to be rude. Oh right, she took a personal cell phone call and walked away in the middle of talking to us. So this is it. This is our moment. And that is how we got to see the lobby of this place. So fun. On to the next.

Nancy Smith

Watched Space Jam with my family and friends, first visit very impressive and had great time. Wonderful locally owned cinema. Fair prices, excellent food service and drafts. Staff is always friendly and helpful.

Elyse Ward

This place has went down hill so badly. Maybe because of the pandemic I don't know but I won't be back anytime soon. Oh and I think it might have been 3 ppl working. They need help bad. Send your teens or something.

Essence Wade

It was a little warm in the theater compared to every time I’ve been to a theater. It wasn’t a bad experience but not memorable either. They had a great menu selection, your standard American food selection. The drinks we ordered were amazing!! Just regular cokes but still tasted great! If I were the owners I’d hire smiling staff, get some new menus (old ones look really used), fix the a/c and throw some neon lights in there to jazz it up!

Jeremy Berger

Took the kids to see the new Spirit movie at 11am on a Saturday. We had bought our tickets online but still had to go to the ticket booth. The lady at ticket booth was nasty and rude. Got into the theater and the tables/desks were disgusting and had obviously not been cleaned in a while. Found 4 empty Fireball shot bottles on the table. After waiting for nearly 20 minutes for service (and to have the table cleaned) my wife finally got up to go all for help. She was met by the same lady from the ticket booth, who was again rude and nasty. She yelled at my wife and complained her staff wasn't in yet. Not our fault. Would have left but our kids were looking forward to the movie. The movie stayed late, but that happens. They did, however, leave the side house lights on, which cast light onto the screen. This place used to be pretty awesome when it was Cinemark and Movie Tavern. Whoever owns it now needs to look into new management. We won't be back.There were a couple of good things though and I'll end on a positive. The chairs are still great. The food was decent, and the girl serving the food & drinks was friendly.

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