Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

133 Northland Dr, Medina
(330) 722-0514

Recent Reviews

Wendy Oberholtzer

Drive-thru Service is always friendly! Good burgers ?! Keep up the great job!!

L Bennett

This place used to have better food. Must have changed the cook now everything is old or not put together we'll. Very disappointed.

chrizzay n

Never had a bad burger and have been coming here for years!! They make an effort here to please!

Free American

Very patient and friendly staff with my order, lots of please, thank you, and for us to have an authentic great day, not marketing, but very polite people..

Shelley Dunkle

All these wonderful restaurants that I haven't been to in 20 years just keep getting better and better! Ice cream came with the meal and was dished up first, caramel hot fudge sundae! Next course was onion rings, perfectly crispy. Final entree thick, long chicken strips in honey barbecue sauce with better than McDonalds fries! Feast for my enpty belly, yes!

Isabella Case

Very polite employees. Corrected my order quickly, efficiently, and kindly.

Jack Skellington

Best place around for soft serve pretzels with queso dip. Mother had her medium twist ice cream cone that she devoured in no time. Why? Because Dairy Queen has all your ice cream needs and ensures your sweet tooth is satiated.

Valerie Giberson

Had a good burger and my favorite cotton candy blizzard. Yum

Ryan Webster

I love dairy queen. I have never had a problem with an order from here. Nice staff, pretty quick.

david broadstock

Always great friendly service and excellent product.

Pat Dash

Great service, good selection and you can customize your blizzard

Mark Bugner

They didn't flip our blizzardsThe blizzards were not as frozen as they normally are

Laurie Ruff

Always good for a hamburger place. I've never had a bad experience. Great place to take kids. Their ice cream is the best.

Tim Robinson

Accident waiting to happen. They are always blocking traffic with drive thru lane. Not sure why city does not make them readjust that line. I always have to go around 3 or 4 cars to get to the bank.They refuse to open to walkin customers. If anyone gets into an accident over there, i would blame dairy queen.

Bryan Arthur

Good dairy queen. Clean store with personable staff. Great outside eating area

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