Girves Brown Derby

5051 Eastpointe Dr, Medina
(330) 721-1731

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This is really a nice looking place inside. The reason we stopped here is because we were sent here by the desk clerk at the Fairfield Inn where we had stopped for the night. After we saw what other places there were to eat (mostly fast food junk), we decided this would have been our choice anyway. As stated, this place is really nice inside, very cozy and great vibe ambiance. Nice looking bar, comfy booths, but we were at a table. Our server Tamara D. was okay, no complaints but I doubt she was really into being a server. Just a blase attitude of like she was just hoping the night would be over soon. We were not really super hungry, so we ordered a couple of appetizers: One was mushroom one was shrimp. They were okay, not bad but certainly not worth $11 each. I'm glad we did not order main entrees as they were pretty expensive and I feel we would have been disappointed for the prices they charge.

Linda Cates Rothman

Delicious. We are from Hawaii visiting family. All 9 of us had dinner. The server was exceptional. We all had different things from the menu and everyone was pleased with their food.

Jay Melrose

Wonderful steakhouse! Great, personable service... terrific atmosphere... Excellent food, properly prepared and served...

Melissa K Michaels

Great food and excellent service

Joe S.

Good place to eat good steak people are very nice but just like other places under staff...

Jim Cogar

Great food! Great service! Highly recommend.

Linda Acierno

the food was awsome and the service was great, her name was keri.

Kirk Scharein

I had one of their specials which was the shrimp Diablo. I'd give it a 3 out of 4 stars it was a delicious sauce there was an awful lot of pasta and there were plenty of shrimp but I would have liked to have seen a little less pasta and a few more shrimp. My partner had the jewel cut filet mignon with a side salad The steak was cooked to perfection and she was very happy with it. Probably the most interesting and best part though was dessert. We shared creme brulee. This wasn't just any creme brulee though they offered either a white chocolate creme brulee or a dark chocolate creme brulee. We opted for the dark chocolate creme brulee. It was thick, delicious, and very flavorful, thoroughly enjoyed it. Our wait staff was excellent service. Was very good enjoyed the experience.


From the food to the service wow what amazing service for a Sunday evening celebrating this special occasion with family. Thanks brown derby staff for the amazing service I will be back for sure.

Joan Wilson

Excellent food and great drinks. Steak was cooked to perfection . The chicken Diablo, and the Parmesan cod looked delicious.

Brandon Ward

Extremely accommodating and great food. I had the lobster and it was swell. They even made the apple sauce fancy. The waitress was very attentive to our needs and took special care to ensure our satisfaction. I would love to come back.

Canbilly Canfield

I had the most pleasant server. Nicole B.had perfect timing, and was a delight. The food was perfect and i didn't feel rushed. Thank you Brown Derby for another great experience.

Dianna Fite

The food is just ok. They don't use real butter for their rolls so it was greasy. The cheesey potatoes did not have much flavor and the steak needed seasoning. Longhorn is much better.

Hilary Wood

Good food and HUGE pineapple margarita

Elizabeth Volk

Server was very busy but did great, the food was terrible. It did take a long time to get our order taken and food to come out. It was super bland with no flavoring. My steak was charred on the outside and my boyfriends was way over cooked. The waitress did offer to have a new one made, but we declined. Disappointing because the one in Streetsboro is so good.

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