Basil Thai Cafe Upper Arlington

3706 Riverview Dr, Upper Arlington
(614) 817-1777

Recent Reviews

N Lin

Ordered food, went to pick it up and they hadn't even started to make it.

Imad Abid

Worst customer service and the food aint that good either

Sirish Goparaju

The food was nothing less than a disaster. Fried rice was burnt and dark in color. Also felt that the rice was not cooked completely, it was taken out of the refrigerator and heated for the order. No flavor at all.. Had to throw the order in trash..

Sachinlal Sugathan

Below average taste, over cooked meat and very over priced...

Travis Webb

The staff was rude, my carry-out order was an hour late from the stated pick-up time, and the food was less than desirable. When I inquired about my order in-store, she stated “the kitchen is busy, your order is not ready” and was unable to provide a timeframe on when it would prepared. This isn’t the first time I’ve had issues at this location, but the continued service errors and poor quality of food has led me to write this review to educate other potential customers.

Samantha Christ

I ordered chicken fried rice and cream cheese wontons... The fried rice was TERRIBLE... literally the worst rice I've ever had. It had NO flavor whatsoever... the rice was also burnt. The wonton were so crispy I couldn't even eat anything but the middles where the cream cheese is. I've had this place once before awhile back and both of our dishes had hair in them... Won't be going back.


Had to wait 30+ minutes for a doordash order. The owner/manager was very unprofessional. I saw other people wait 30+ minutes there for their orders too. Will not take DoorDash orders from here again ever. If they treat delivery drivers like this, you should probably avoid eating here.

Casey Walton

Thai food at this place - very good. Food is similar to a place in San Francisco I liked.

Ana M

One of my favorite places for delicious Thai food. the service was friendly and sociable.

Megan Weber

We ordered via Postmates. The food flavor was good but I think the price was too high for what we received. Dining in may be different but we just felt we spent $17 for Shrimp Panang and I we received 7 tiny shrimp and mostly sauce. Very disappointing. While the flavors of the currys were good the value is just not there to order again.

Brian Lewis

Had Groupon for Dine In. Currently only offer carry out. Had No Interest in Honoring Groupon or coming up with alternative. Stated Groupon No Good!Never Dine at this business.

Joseph F.

Don't bother they forgot my brown rice and hot spice on side and dumplings were burnt and flat Horrible food except curry was good. I called and nicely reported it the person argued about order and I hung. Life is too short enjoy food !

Megan W.

I thought the flavors were good for the two dishes we ordered via Postmates.  So why the Two stars?!?  The value for the price was just not there. $17 for Shrimp Panang and we received only 7 tiny shrimp and mostly sauce.  The green curry with chicken was better and chicken was not an additional cost like the shrimp and seemed to be more substantial. The fresh rolls were good but still pricey for what you get.  Just not sure it's worth getting it delivered.  Expensive for what we actually received.

Chad Harris

I purchased a groupon for this restaurant that was for dine-in only. They shut down their dine-in and wouldn't honor the Groupon even for take out. I had to file credit card fraud on them through the bank to get my money back since they wouldn't honor the terms of the agreement. They could have simply refunded me or let me use it on take out..

Tina Francis

So after purchasing a Groupon they have a sign that will not use a Groupon for carry out. They also are not even open for dine in. Talked to owner who basically could care less about situation. Covid or not, better customer service needs to happen ASAP.. If I could give a zero I would!

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