Red Lobster in Tulsa

Red Lobster - 6728 S Memorial Dr

Rating: 3.9 - 148 Reviews


6728 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa OK 74133
(918) 250-5330

Red Lobster

We got great customer service here. The portion sizes were fair. It was not very busy when we were eating so no worries about too many people around.

Red Lobster - 4525 E 51st St

Rating: 3.6 - 154 Reviews


4525 E 51st St, Tulsa OK 74135
(918) 496-3323

Red Lobster

Always enjoy me Red Lobster. Never gets old and had a really friendly waitress.. great food. What more could one ask for..?

Red Lobster Tulsa

6728 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa, OK 74133

4525 E 51st St, Tulsa, OK 74135