168 Sushi Asian Buffet Bar

660 Oxford St W, London
(519) 657-0303

Recent Reviews

Kade Elliott

Excellent service. Great food. Full bellies and a nice breeze on the patio. 10/10 Experience + points for ice Cream!

William Kowall

Staff were going out of there way to make sure everything at the table was top quality. Had a general felling of the servers going above and beyond just doing their job. 5 out of 5

Torie Gallagher

White oaks location is MUCH better. This location has really gone downhill. Went to the patio with my sister and I have to say we were seated right away and the service was fast but that's where the pros end.My strawberry mojito had way too much pureed strawberry, it looked like they blended the strawberry and mint. It's made properly at the other location..Spring rolls/cream cheese won tons were stale and had little filling.One sushi roll we SWORE had processed cheddar cheese on it, we couldn't eat it. Luckily nobody tried to charge us extra which is honestly lucky for them because I would have snapped. All in all I will never go to this location again, I'll happily wait for dine in to reopen so i can go to white oaks. And the patio chairs are RIDICULOUSLY uncomfortable

Šefik Brakić

Had a mosquito in my sushi and when I went to return it the lady at the white oaks location said it must have got there after and she is not refunding me. Terrible service never coming here again. Filthy.

Tareq Shala

Amazing Manager Sean and his team of employees.Great food. Amazing potions. Keep up the good work

Brian C

Decent local offering. Quality of the sushi has been consistent. No complaints!


Stale fish. Missing peices of the sushi. Disgusting taste threw everything away. The soup was horrible. Poor customer service at the door. Did i already say Stale Fish??? Absolutely Terrible Overall. Would Not Recommend.

Keegan G.

Pretty good! We got take out during the COVID-19 lockdown as our first experience with these folks, but I can say the inside of their restaurant (from my limited experience inside) looks to be extremely nice and clean. All the staff appear to be following safety guidelines, and made it possible for me to collect my meal while conforming to social-distancing guidelines; very good! The food itself was great! The portions for what we got was great (we ordered a platter for two folks and then a side of dragon rolls), though admittedly the cost to quantity ratio is a little less than at competitors. The food was above average of sushi I have tried, and may be at the top of what is available in London. Definitely plan to return to this business in the near future!

Benito “Bento” Budiman

Another solid AYCE sushi place in London. I prefer this location (Oxford) to the dearness location. The ambiance is more to my taste. The food is good, and while its more consistent than other places in London, it still won't "blow you away."The restaurant itself is quite clean, the service is always fast and friendly. Like many other restaurants in this category; the ordering system via tablet is simple, effective, and hassle free.

Shay T

I usually go to the other 168 sushi. But wanted to see if there was a difference.Well... The server was very helpful, although her manager was not, she was pushy and mean to the girl serving us. The food choices were a little different but still excellent in taste and presentation. Very clean, but I felt a little uncomfortable seeing how the restuarant is smaller the customers were all sitting to close together without protection. I felt like a sardine in a can. Literally, tables are smaller and we had 4 people in our group, so when the food came it was hard to manage arm room and plate room. I would order out from here next time. Extremely tasty food!!

Jessica Ali

I love 168 Sushi!!! Huge variety of all you can eat food and always delicious! However, I don't recommend the spicy tuna rolls because unlike the picture on the iPad, the fish portion is very small. I suggest other Maki's that have more to them to make a bigger and tastier bite. Also, they don't take reservations, so be prepared to wait in your car for about 45 min if you want to dine in (this is to maintain social distancing rules). The good this is that they text you when your table is ready. Also, if you pay cash, they remove the tax. ?

Meranda Courtney

One of the best sushi restaurants in London! The food is always amazing and the staff is SO friendly.

Redd Nesbitt

Worst place don’t ever go there! For one our food was undercooked and the table beside us had a cockroach on their food also not to mention the manager was very ignorant and pushy trying to make us pay $30 extra for a little bit of calamari we left like three rolls he was saying he’s giving us a good deal when we put up an argument he took it off still charged us Extra $10 I order was 170.26 We had the cash and he literally chased us down the parking lot for the $.26 and was threatening him and angry with us saying he would knock us out we have never felt that worst in are life STAY AWAY

Andre L.

Very unhelpfull staff whent inside the chef was cursing out a customer so i turn around and left the place not a very inviting place and ill never go back there.

Connor Chute

I've never written a bad google review before, but my girlfriend and I were having a good time and the food was good, until they dropped off some more sushi and a cockroach ran across our table. We lost our appetites and left as quickly as possible. Pretty disappointing, would not recommend.

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