Hero Certified Burgers

541 Oxford St W #104, London
(519) 473-4376

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kumaresan ramu

Recently had burger here and it was good.. tastes good..I was thinking of takeing pic of burger before i start but I couldn't resist when I received my burger.. I started eating it and then clicked the pic..

Dan Minard

Terrible service the one girl with really long light brown hair stared at us for 2 mins no exaggeration while scooping old popcorn into the garbage. Didn’t even acknowledge us. I literally asked if they were open, and she goes yeah and slowly walks to the back to make the other girl take our order but when the life Guards behind us she jumped to serve them and they both got their poutine before us we had to wait over 15 minutes for one poutine and a medium pop. I don’t know who does the hiring here but they should be fired because they hire incompetent clearly

Brittany Lam

I recieved a burger with mould on the bun. Not cool hero burger! Totally unacceptable.

Anthony DRAKE

not good.also why was the guy taking my order not wearing socks or shoes


I went there to try it out as I love burgers.Was very disappointed , the menu looks amazing but the execution is really bad. my signature burger was Bland and the bottom bun was soaked in water /Grease. I Think it is only this Location That is a fail, as the Chain is Highly reputable.

Vera Ush

I feel like they are the same everywhere. Expect to have what you expect

Brian Ly

I rarely give out negative reviews but I recently had their Hero Burger and it was flavour less meat with no real taste. You can make a better burger at home to be honest.Save yourself the money as this place is expensive for what you get. For a franchise I feel like they should have higher quality ingredients, but it's definitely lacking.

James T

I really liked the burgers here, and the tempura vegetable side options


Decent burger, good size portions. The 4oz signature with fries was more than enough to fill me up. Prompt service. 2 combos for $20. Can’t ask for much more from a burger joint. Support your local restaurants during covid folks.

Mohamed Mohamedin

The worst burger ever. Not juicy and tasteless. Junior burger come with old bread and tiny tasteless meat only!!My 8oz blue cheese was also horrible. I would give it zero stars

Hancheng Yao

The 8 oz hitter’s burger has the same size as a double junior burger in Wendy’s.Imagine how tiny the burger and protein portion is.It was a great restaurant two years before, 6 oz burger did feed me even after the workout. Heard the owner of the restaurant has changed.

Dave Schram

First time but won't be back. Just not great... meat just tastes like store bought frozen patty, thick and not much flavour. I like a flatter patty that gets a nice sear. Oh, and really expensive too... wished we had eaten somewhere else.PS - the butter tart (haha you read that right) sucked.

John McElroy

Great burger and fries, I really enjoy the flavors of their burger. Could step up their Covid game, no hand sanitizer and more mask wearing.

Arslan Huseinov

Ordered a delivery with Uber eats. Extremely overpriced. Mediocre taste. Wouldn't recommend this place.

Jamie D.

This will be my last Hero burger.  While I tried to support my neighbourhood Hero, took almost 40min to receive order and my burgers were cold.

The onion rings they were famous for, now looks like onion strings.

Very disappointing !!

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