1683 Dundas St, London
(519) 451-0464

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Got some gnarly food poisoning from my order on August 15. Chicken appeared cooked fine so probably contaminated. Still dealing with side effects of the food poisoning three days later. This is awful. Obviously some mild side effects are expected after eating kfc but full blown illness was not what I wanted. A shame because sometimes greasy chicken is what you’re craving. Not anymore.

Helen Anderson

Unfortunately they deleted order but quick to correct their mistake.

Sachin Rajeev

Very unfriendly and rude staff, it might be covid it might be anything, but I humbly request the KFC group to teach its employees how to behave with customers.

Jon Lemaire

Only after they take my money do they say a 7 to 10 minute wait for a simple order. Turned into closer to 15 us waiting to be told that in the line up. Food was good though at least

Susanna Peckham

I give this kfc on dundas a minus 5!!!! The service was more than horrible and it took 45 minutes to receive my order!!! An online order, was "lost " the Manger talked to me twice.. then asked me to leave.. when u raised my volume of my voice, no one should wait 45 minutes to recieve there order... will never return to this location..

Charlie Tefft

food was fresh and hot, service was helpful as well

Mario G

So far the experience is great. Friendly staff, fresh chicken, clean. We come here often for family deals.

Jimmy H

Ordered a 3 piece, got ripped off . 2/5 will probably eat again and have another bad experience

geoff lonsdale

Always great food and awesome service ?

Bonnie Gibson

Why is it when something that tastes so good is so bad for you? This is especially true for KFC. The leader in walking heart attack fast food. It doesn't matter if we received bad service, if the chicken pieces are too small, too salty, too greasy, most of us always go back.This particular KFC, at 1683 Dundas St, London, is pretty much like any other KFC I've been too. The pace here is fast, robust and I was served in a prompt and timely manner. The restaurant is clean and tidy and all Covid 19 protocols are followed. My order; three chicken breasts and small fries was given to me in less then five minutes, even though I placed that order at 5:30 p.m. Not bad, eh? Yes, the Chicken pieces were small... the new normal I suppose, but the chicken was good.One thing I noted while going over past reviews for this particular KFC is the lack of owner/management participation in this forum, nothing, not a peep. No comments no nothing concerning customer reviews. Hello... are you there?

Hani Mabad

Cool Staff. It seems to be a good service.

Chad Jameson

Delicious FCC combo from this location. Staff is very friendly and the food was great. My stomach is happy :)

Sean Sellars

Big crunch was not big, was like a single chicken tender on a bun. 7up had a minty taste, not good.

Sumegha Sood

Very bad..Something is always missing whenever i ordered..Food is also not good..Don't waste your money here..

Jasen London

The $10 bucket for 2 who could beat that. I was full and so was my gf.

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