Plant Matter Kitchen

162 Wortley Rd, London
(519) 660-3663

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Debra Breuer

Today I ordered the cauliflower bowl at Plant Matter. It came in a large bowl but the amount of food was minuscule. I told this to the waiter and they offered to top it up but I declined. I felt that I should not have had to mention this at all. When you're paying $18.00 (plus tax) you expect to have a decent sized portion. The bowl was not even half full. Also, the taste was very bland. I will not return to this restaurant.

Victoria Blunt

Amazing place!The website shows you the menu before hand and lists most ingredient. I called twice once to book the reserve and the second time to check about a nut allergy.They informed me of all the nuts and such on site that day and during the weekend beforehand as well.As you walk inside what hits you is this amazing smell of food and coffee. As for looks the inside of this place is amazing, you are greeted with a cafe like appears with an open style kitchen when you can see the food being cook. The area is nicely spaced and cleaned, I found the wood burned chairs a nice mark.Will be coming back again!

Karen Bush

My husband and I have tried several times to get to London to try this restaurant, today was the day we actually did. OMG it was so amazing. I cannot say enough great things about the food. The staff goes out of their way to make your dining experience fabulous. I am definitely going to make the drive more often well worth it.

Heather Ross

Thanks for an awesome lunch today. Please keep the French Toast with the syrup/chocolate sauce on the menu. It was incredible!

Michele Schroder

We ate at this place for the first time last week for a birthday celebration. We sat outdoors and found the place had a cozy atmosphere. The food was excellent and the quality and presentation matched what they were charging. If you want delicious plant based food with Quality ingredients, great flavour and presentation, you need to try this restaurant.

Adam Chapman

Clean, courteous, and current.Plant matter runs a good shop with quality food in specialized space. My only gripe is that can be a little more expensive than average especially if you're doing something simple for lunch. It's not horrible expensive, but a touch above average.Overall, the experience is strong.

Paul Phares

One of the best vegan/vegetarian restaurants in town. A bit pricey. Great caesar salad and smoothies. Their breakfast menu is great too. Highly recommend this place and it always has a place in our rotation.

Louisa Yue-Chan

Nice patio seating. Good service. Decent PMK salad though quite small for the entree price. Driest and blandest baked eggplant I've ever tasted. The white sauce on top equally tasteless. The marinated garlic in the side salad might have been better utilized to flavour the sauce! Couldn't eat more than half even though I was hungry. Commendable response to my feedback.

Em Hofstede

Tasteless fare and rude waitress. I went with my elderly aunt and uncle (70s) who are not familiar with vegan cuisine but wanted to try out the restaurant. I have been familiar with vegan cuisine for a few decades. My aunt saw Mac n' Cheese on the menu and rightly thought she was going to have something that resembled the traditional and favored classic Canadian dish, not realizing there is no such thing as vegan cheese. Upon the first bite she declared that she could not eat it. Essentially it was false advertising, no matter what the waitress said. By definition, vegan and cheese CAN NOT go together. Cheese is made from the pressed curds of milk! So call it pasta salad using adjective not used for dairy dishes! No apologies to my aunt or empathy for people who may not be switched on to vegan realities! The young waitress arrogantly insisted that it really was cheese, vegan cheese. It's ground sunflowers and its bitter! I was very unimpressed by her attitude: she could've have been gracious and polite. There was no offer to amend the situation. My aunt did not insist on a return of the plate but rather shared the meals of me and my uncle. Mine was meh, blah, and unoriginal. Too much spice on the potato wedges and not particularly flavorful. The vegan hamburger was tasteless. But what upsets me most was the rudeness of the waitress, Thursday, p.m. June 17.

Catherine Webber

Always amazing food. Adrianna was our server and she was very nice and had professional service. Definitely recommend PMK!

Hope M. Pelufo

We went for brunch and tried 3 delicious items from the menu, the crunch, the french toast the Wadley plate. My partner drank a delicious smoothie with cocoa, almond milk, cashews, and bananas.Everything was great, and we were taken care of by George, who is very friendly and attentive.We have many more places to try in London, but this will be a favourite!!!

Morla Phan

Ordered the Just Bagel at the recommendation of our server with an extra side of maple glazed tempeh strips.I highly recommend the bagel! Do not be fooled as it is deceptively filling. The beyond sausage is particularly tasty, and the potato wedges pair very well with it.The tempeh was not as soft as I'm used to tempeh being, but it tastes good with their maple glaze.Service was exceptionally pleasant and friendly. The patio is cleaned and maintained well. Be prepared to encounter the cute dogs of the neighborhood as their owners walk them by the store!

Dawn Malo

It is in a lovely location. Service was great. I should ha be order the salad with dressing on the side...there was a little too much for my taste. A favorite of ours!


Our daughters recently decided to become vegetarian so we brought them here for something new to try and it was great! The food was delicious and very filling, I will definitely be back.

Debbie Derrough

i love the food

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