The Early Bird

355 Talbot St, London
(519) 439-6483

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Nick Sturk

Holy guacamole! This isn’t your run of the mill breakfast place. This is gods greatest gift to breakfast. The menu is so carefully constructed so not just be your classic “bacon and eggs” breakfast joint. The food is extravagant, quality and thought out to give you the best possible combination of delicious breakfast ingredients.I got the breakfast burrito which was SUPERB. All the portions were incredibly hearty and the prices were perfectly reasonable. The staff was also kind, quick and did their job well. Also, the atmosphere is super cool. Would highly recommend anyone go here for a sort of unique and delicious breakfast/brunch. Good job the early bird!

Tiger Lilly

Did takeout food was about a 25m wait, delicious and worth the wait. Call ahead and while you're waiting there's a cute coffee spot right next door to check out. Waffle wasn't doughy, onions were interesting and chicken was boneless. The sandwich was good with thick slices of bacon.

Nina Le

Very big portions and delicious breakfast! Thank you

Lisa Fehr

The staff was not very helpful but the chicken waffle was tasty. The place has an interesting decor though I wish there was better parking around and it was not downtown.

Jessa Wagner

Such a fun space. Staff is peppy. The menu isn't massive so it was easy to narrow down my options to a mere several meals I was interested in. I had the Ham and Cheese Benedict. It was excellent. Home fries were the perfect level of crispiness, unlike other places were they've been simple cooked. Poached eggs were perfect. Portions were great for a person with a healthy appetite. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly our food came out, with Covid and it being a perfect summer day I had expected to wait much longer. Looking around at other tables there are lots of other breakfasts I can't wait to try.

Sarah Grobbink

Was moderately impressed with their mission statement enough to give them a try for breakfast. Sadly and poorly mistaken. Food was terrible. It is very hard to screw up breakfast, but they did very well. We had the Chicken and waffles, and the hash. The chicken was bland, and had no flavor, the waffle was soggy and had no flavor, and to top off the grossness, it was topped with fried onion things that were absolutely inedible, reminiscent of eating rubber bands. Also tried was the hash. Again, very hard to screw up. Bunch of fried potatoes mixed in with a few fried onion and a couple peppers, topped with soft boiled eggs! Just totally unappealing, and inedible. Very, very disappointing, one star is too generous.


Locally loved place at downtown London.My choice was chicken waffle with syrub.Chicken was well fried looks tasty.However, there was not much taste on it like basic salt or pepper. Hope the chicken was marinated with salt and pepper before fried.Waffle was simple and normal, nothing special but well cooked.Price is affordable and quiet good amount of food served.

Olha Prytkova

@theearlybirdldn is One of the MUST TO GO places for breakfast!Huge selection for any preferences!.Eat, Drink. Repeat ❤️

Albion Fung

Very interesting food with absolutely massive portions, very friendly staff. Slightly on the expensive side IMO. The menu is extremely diverse so you'll probably have trouble figuring out what you want to eat as opposed to finding something you want to eat. The dishes themselves are actually not bad at all, although it's also not memorably great. The staffs are incredibly accomodating and friendly.It's worth the experience and we visit this place every once in a while; I think this place really hits home for very specific people, while it may be nothing special for a lot of us. Definitely try them out to get a sense of what they're about.

tariq elgwaily

My go to for years for an amazing breakfast. They switched owners without a hitch. I have tried everything on their menu from the poutine to the French toast and can easily say they are hands down the best breakfast place in London.

Andy MS

Really delicious breakfast! Ordered via Skip and it does take a bit of time (understandable, since it’s a popular spot), but it is absolutely with the wait!

Sarah Khann

Ordered poutine. Not fresh. Fries were just barely cooked. Gravy was OK. Nachos were OK.


Go to spot. Great breakfast. Great sandwiches. Staff is super friendly and awesome. Great deals on even better food. I'll be back again and again!

Richard Lococo

New owner, and she's actually pretty awesome!Answered all my questions about Chicken and Waffles, with mouth watering detail

Schulist Theron

I had a eggs jenny and my friend had stacked pancakes which were more than filling and enough to take home to eat after. My meal was pretty decent size, it was yummy with the avacado, while the bread was pretty basic and I didnt really touch it. I would recommend this to friends or anyone looking for a brunch place.

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