The Sweet Onion Bistro

135 Wortley Rd, London
(519) 601-7101

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Braedan Lee

Ambience and drinks were good, however the food here is another story. We waited over an hour for our food and it was very underwhelming. The patio is 5 times too big for what the kitchen can handle. I ordered the Greek salad with side chicken, and it was one of the worst salads I've ever had. For being a $20 salad, I was hoping for something a little bigger. Hardly any feta, I felt ripped off. Calamari had no flavour and was over cooked.

Vlctoria Sintzel

We went to Sweet Onion Bisto today for lunch. Amanda was our server. She was delightful and professional. The food was delicious and Amanda checked on us several times to ensure we had everything we needed. It was a beautiful day so we sat on the patio. My only complaint (4 star)was due to the chairs. We found them to be very uncomfortable. We actually switched chairs from a empty table but they weren't any better.

Frank Schindler

What a beautiful place. Food was awesome as well. Great service and a nice patio. No complaints from this guy ??

Brian Murphy

Really good patio atmosphere.. live music! Just what I was looking for. Sweet Onion Ceasars were great too.

Paul Tuchscherer

Great service and tasty dishes. My linguini Alfredo would have benefitted from a slice of garlic bread but otherwise a nice meal served with all the friendly neighborhood charm you'd expect in Wortley Village.

Reg Quinton

A lovely place to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon on the patio. Drinks, good food, great servers, live music and a community of neighbors. We've been before and we'll be back again!

Tanner Millistver

Kevin was fantastic. Enthusiastic, genuine, polite, funny, and courteous.Plus when he lit my food on fire (on purpose?) I had no choice but to give 5 stars

Paul Phares

Dog friendly patio. Good live music that isn't too loud. Food was great, the burger was a bit too large and difficult to eat at times.We returned for a second time and unfortunately it was Greek night. Not their best menu, but we will be returning soon.

Andrew de Boer

Great service, friendly staff and good food. The perfect trifecta

Rachel Cree

Delicious and creative dishes from start to finish. Fresh and tasty and generous portion sizes. The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable about the menu and things are kept super sanitized

Megan H

Delicious food.. patio table was wobbly. Enjoyed the food, had a Greek salad with souvlaki. Prices decent but the table was so wobbly by the condiment stage that it was hard to eat as the plate slid across the table with each fork full despite the leg of the table stuffed with coasters and a piece of a broken plate.

James Fernandez

Was on a very tight 30 minute timeline. Ordered ahead for the food and it was ready when we arrived.Absolutely amazing quality and value.

David Scriver

The food was OK. It was acceptable for the price range. We both got chicken Caesar wraps. The wraps were simple, Ours had chicken, lettuce and sauce. I’m sure there was some Parmesan in it or something like that but it was very minimal, A sides we ordered fries. With how minimal the food was it was surprising that we had to wait an hour to get this wrap and fries. It was obvious that they had cooked the chicken but it was all cold by the time we got it. The only thing that was hot on the plate where the fries. We had known that it had been cooked because there were a few warm spots in the chicken. It was very dry breaded chicken. From when we ordered our food to when we got our food it was around an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. Generally when I think of a bistro I think of somewhere that you can go in and get your food sit down and be gone in a half hour but you should only go here if you have two hours.One of the big plus as they had beers on tap that are harder to find like Kronenberg other than that I don’t know if I would go here again. Our server was nice and probably new but the tables we were seated at had holes in them. sort of like a mesh which made any sort of liquid that may have spilled or condensation from glasses fall on our pants.From this experience I would not come back. I may try them again as this was my first time. I usually give 2 chances.

Grace T.

I love the staff and the patio set up, especially during COVID times. I get the chicken pita every time I come and have sadly noticed the quality going down over the past few years. The chicken in the pita is worse quality and the pita is now deep fried for some reason. The salad is no longer an authentic Greek salad and is much smaller and the fries aren't as good. Also no fries in the pita anymore! Please return to the original pita meal --it was amazing! Still a good meal, but not the best anymore. I will keep coming for the atmosphere, but may have to try a new order !

Ann McWade

Yummy delicious food and wine and excellent service!

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