Big's Chicken

4570 SW Watson Ave, Beaverton
(503) 747-3190

Recent Reviews

Ophelia Vidal

Love the family meal option. Whatever seasoning they use for the fried chicken is phenomenal - full of flavor with a touch of spice. Their potato wedges are also very good.

Travis M.

Inconsistent I came here over a year ago and I liked this place I ordered the fried chicken sandwich through Uber eats and it came soggy and gross no crunch in the chicken what so ever and there Mac and cheese balls used to be so ooy gooey good but now they're dry af

Eric H.

Awe yeah, gimmie some of their jo-jos and their white gold sauce. Mix with the Fresno sauce and put that on their chicken. Home run every time. We live far away but if we are near this place we won't be caught dead driving by. Just stupid good.


Super super sad...did I get them on a bad day? Wife got the marinated thighs and they looked like the chicken didn't do squats or they just were microwaved! I got the spicy chicken sandwich. Just ok. The dirty bird was good.This was my father day meal so adds to the disappointment. Will try again but at $60 a meal for 3 people... not anytime soon.

Kenth Social media manager

The food is amazing they’re highly recommend they also are very kind about Getting there at closing time! Waited 10 minutes for my food not a bad wait

Jonathan Y.

Big's chicken has a lot of yummy sauces they usually dress on their chicken when you dine in. We decided to get takeout. We went with a half bird both styles for variety and both chickens were seasoned very well. It had a good char flavor in the grilled chicken and the fried breading had a slightly cajunny taste. We dipped it in their Fresno sauce and that really elevates the bite. Only thing I would say is both styles felt slightly overdone so the bites were kind of dry. The sauces solve that though. The jo jo's were large and amazing, as well.

Margaret D.

I've missed Big's and chose them for my first post-pandemic restaurant visit. Either I've developed a taste for my own home-fried chicken, or the quality at Big's has gone down in the past year and a half. Had the fried half. It was a little too browned. The breast was on the dry side, and the thigh and leg were just this side of the line. The jojos were fine, the cole slaw another disappointment after my home made. I hope the rest of my favorite places have survived the plague better than Big's has done.

Qunia Williams

I’m from Chicago where the food is amazing and very hard to compare! I’m here to tell u that this food was amazing. We had the chicken sandwich, wings, mash potatoes, cornmeal patties and my my my it was fantastic. First time in Portland and food has not been all that.... this is by far the best places we have been since we been here. Tell whoever in that kitchen KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

sunny chamberlin

Not only do they have fantastic food, but these folks give amazing customer service. I accidentally ordered to the wrong location today and was ready to leave and they offered to make us the food there even though it was totally my fault! It saved me 40 dollars and a lot of stress as I usually don't pay so much to eat out right now. I really appreciated how kind you guys were about it!!The chicken is always on point and seasoned well, and they have the best jojos I've ever had. Sauce is amazing, highly recommend the mac n cheese bites as well. Give this place a shot, they will make it worth your time and it is WELL worth the money and not so great parking in this area of downtown.

curiossa plummer

Absolutely delicious!! I got the fried chicken sandwich and the dirty rice, ridiculously yummy. I ordered delivery and everything was fresh, hot and ready to eat. This is definitely a new favorite spot!!

Andy B.

This place has a lot of great stuff, but once I had the Big Dirty, I was hooked. None of the other stuff on the menu matters anymore. It's the dish I crave when I'm in town and make a point to come here to get my fix. The white gold sauce is amazing and even though the Big Dirty comes with a generous helping, I have to add more. This is probably awful for my waistline but it's just too good to pass up. It's best when it's fresh from the restaurant because the Jojos are still crispy, but despite a little bit of sogginess, it's still worth it getting it delivered too. Now if only I can find anything close to this in Atlanta...

Erin Althoff

Really good chicken! Not sure if it was quite as good as the reviews led me to believe, but it definitely hit the spot!

Brice Shultz

Hot, fresh, and fast. We order via their website and pick up. Lots of room to wait. Working our way down the menu and loving everything so far!

Tabitha Shelton

Wow, first time eating here and it was so delicious!! I had it delivered and when it got here it was still crunchy and perfect!! I can't wait to order the chicken sandwich again the pickles/slaw/dressing combo was amazing.??????

Jaennae Kuykendall

Great food and great service. They have outdoor seating with heat lights, but you can also do orders for pickup. They had some seating indoors that was open as well, and it was very spread apart if you're up for eating indoors.

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