Ex Novo Brewing Company

4505 SW Watson Ave, Beaverton
(971) 249-3737

Recent Reviews

Natalie Johnson

The pizza was pretty good. The downside for me was the service. There weren't many people there when we were eating, but it took a while for them to come get our orders and for the food to come. There was a mistake made with one of our orders, but it took several minutes before we saw anyone again to ask them to correct the error.

Geoff Leatherman

One of my favorite places for amazing pizza and great beer selection.

Benhea Ringham

If you’re looking for great Detroit-Style, thick crust pizza with a laid-back vibe in the downtown Beaverton area…this is it! The house salad with their hop vinaigrette dressing was one of my favorites, actually. Fun environment with indoor or outdoor seating and good music. They have a unique, yummy frozen cocktail called the Berry Freezie-Freeze that’s like an adult slushy raspberry lemonade - great for summertime!

Kate Bieren

This is our favorite local pizza. The sauce is amazing! Our favorite is all the lights.

Traci Butt

First visit. Husband and I shared cheesy bread and a 6" All of the Lights pizza. Food was very good but heavy. A bit greasy. I recommend going hungry and sharing. It would be the perfect hangover cure. Tried a few different beers and they were all good as well. They had Weller black and the husband was super stoked about that. Staff was friendly. We couldn't figure out why last call for food was 8:30 pm and last call for drinks was 8:45 pm on a Friday night?

Erik Bailey

I can't stress enough that if you are in the area go get pizza here. They have absolutely amazing deep dish. The service is good, the atmosphere is great and the pizza is the best.

Angela Martinez

Never thought I’d fine great tasting Detroit style pizza in Beaverton. There is no way anyone is leaving behind the crust here. Everything was delicious. I would definitely come back.

T. Ashlei D.

Pretty much the best Detroit-style pizza I could have asked for in the area. If you are a fan of deep, spongy crusts with that signature crispy cheese edge Detroit pizzas are famous for, don't pass this place by.

Vail Arvia

This place is amazing and the Meatzzaa pizza I had was amazing. Aria Gin is now my favorite gin! The service was fast and the servers were very friendly and informative. I will be coming back. Descent pricing too!

David Mishler

Absolutely love their Detroit style pizzas (saying this as a Chicago guy) and they have such quality beers. If you like a great specialty imperial stout, check out any of the Kill the Sun variants. Every single one of them has been outstanding. Cheers!

Jeanne Z.

Their Beer is as good as it gets! And, there isn't a lot of pizza places that do "Detroit Style" in Portland-metro. It is interesting like pizza on a piece of French Bread! My husband I really like the "Philip the Black" pizza with brick cheese, chèvre, marinated red onion, mushrooms, fresh basil, crazy sauce, and balsamic drizzle. It is very comforting and delicious.

Holly Jacobson

Wow incredible food very good service too. Inside is cool and clean. They play newest R&B music. Host was nice


Great beer selection! Mango Haze Maze was good, I was a bigger fan of the Mass Ascension. Great deep dish pizza, a small amount goes a long way.

Megan C.

TRY. THE. BUFFALO. GALS. I could eat this everyday. And you can't ignore the pizzas on their menu. Our server gave us an awesome tip when we asked for advice about what size of pizza to order - they said "order the large and take the extra slices home, fry an egg on top the next morning for breakfast pizza." I love the upsell with such great advice - we did just that with the Lucky Cat pizza and it was delicious! Fantastic food and service!

Galen McVey

Great beer selection! Mango Haze Maze was good, I was a bigger fan of the Mass Ascension. Great deep dish pizza, a small amount goes a long way.

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