The Honey Baked Ham Company

11657 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton
(503) 646-4446

Recent Reviews

Willy Allen

Love the Honey Baked Ham Co. Their food is very good, service is fast, friendly staff. It's worth a visit.

meri murphy

Classic ham and cheese sandwich and club salad were delicious.

Melissa Chee

Great customer service. Super fast and friendly. The classic ham sandwich was delicious. The split soup wasn’t as good as I remember, but the sandwich more than made up for it. I got my sandwich without cheese, but normally it comes with cheese.

Michelle B.

Was one of my favorite lunchtime spots in the 90's haven't been there since. Met a friend for lunch couldn't wait for the garden salad with their house made ranch with nickel shaped croutons and the monte cristo sandwich - (their online menu states they still serve house made ranch). Got the salad no croutons just some lettuce a sprinkling of cheese and a packet of Kens Ranch...girl said they don't make the ranch anymore and don't serve salads with croutons but if I wanted some she could bring them to me?? Huh? Yes of course - sadly they came out the tiny cubes that you would find in the winco bin you bag yourself Sandwich came out put together poorly with a few shreds of lettuce and a thick small cube of ham!! Not the honey baked store I remember !! Over the last few months restaurants have just gotten cheap and lazy and here is another example of that. Stop blaming covid !

Brett Redfield

Asked for no pickles on the BBQ pulled pork sandwich, was given pickles anyway. Sandwiches were lukewarm (not hot) liked they had been pre made and sitting in a warming tray.

Ro5on Dagod

Good quality of food. Thought it would have more of a distinctive taste that separates it.

Patti Henry

Product is terrific, service is horrible! After placing order on line we thought we would pick up what we had paid for. They do not set your specific order aside when they receive the order and when you pick it up they feel free to substitute whatever they have still in stock. They blame everything on ‘Corporate’ and the man who did respond by phone was rude. So sorry such a great product is not being represented well by their franchises.

Jana Patterson

Got the Quarter Ham Dinner for Easter. It was delicious. Our favorite side was the mac & cheese.

bruce weintraub

good service, nice folks, in and out quickly. Nice, yummy side dishes and rolls and deserts too!

Joyce LaCasse

We love Honey Baked Ham pocket sandwich and have for years. The last 2 times we have picked up our orders we have found that the ingredients (ham, lettuce and sauce) has been reduced substantially. The ingredients are now barely in the center with the side pocket corners entirely empty. The second time I ordered (we order 4 pocket sandwiches at a time) i explained how disappointed we were with the lack of ingredients we did get more sauce but about half the ingredients we got before. Since there are 4 of us eating them and each person is complaining about the change it would be interesting to know why and when will this be corrected.

Gwen Vincent

cockroaches everywhere. In both locations. i can't deal with poor maintenance.

Maria Castling

These sandwiches are even better than I remembered and I made their split pea soup and it was phenomenal. This place is just excellent

Erin Bray

Always good quality, with great portions!! They keep things clean, and they are helpful, and cheerful. They make fabulous lunches, and are a staple for every Thanksgiving, and Christmas in my household throughout the years.

Dani B.

The food is very yummy. I am writing this about something else. The good customer service I received. I was after work cranky yet the manager Heather handled me like a champ. The issue wasn't their fault. Still she helped me to resolve it. I am grateful for the great service.

Dianah DeuPree

Excellent customer service. Great food. Try the monte cristo! You won't be disappointed!

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