14308 SW Allen Blvd #4403, Beaverton
(503) 646-1267

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Valentin K.

Okay to start, the food here is really good and probably the best Japanese food in the area, BUT it is very hard to get. Let me explain. I have tried countless times to call to place an order with no answer, well before they close. I have gone in person two or three hours before their posted closing times to find the place closed. And I have even been successful enough to get inside and end up not being acknowledged by a single wait staff for up to 10 minutes, even when they weren't that busy, so I just left. I have been lucky on a few occasions to get through to someone on the phone to place an order and even ate inside a few times, and while the food was really great the abysmal customer service kinda ruined the whole experience for me. Again the food is REALLY good which is why I keep trying to go back there, but I'm finding it harder and harder to get to so it's pretty disappointing.

Jenny T.

This place sucks. I didn't try the food because when I walked in, nobody acknowledged me. I didn't know if I was supposed to sit myself down or what. I even looked for signs that some restaurants have saying "please seat yourself" or "please wait for a host." I stood by the door for a good two minutes and nobody said anything to me. And a line started forming behind me so I went up to the register, thinking maybe I had to put my order in and then sit down. I stood there for over 5 minutes without a single staff person acknowledging me. They were busy, so I gave them benefit of the doubt and figured someone, at some point, will at the very least say hi, please wait. Or hi, we'll get to you in a minute. Or hi, the wait time is xyz. I can be very patient but it really irked me that there were 3 women behind the register and not one person said a word to me. They even looked up at me several times and not. a. Single. Word. And it's not like all the women were bustling around the restaurant. One woman, who I figure is in charge of the register, because she STOOD THERE IN FRONT OF ME THE WHOLE TIME, didn't say anything!!!!! I waited a few more minutes then left. (So nearly 10 minutes). It was the most bizarre experience ever. And to boot, there was like a line of 6+ more people behind me. You'd think they would have said *something* to *anyone*.....

Renate L.

Still my favorite Beaverton, accessible, neighborhood Japanese restaurant. I've been coming for 32 years. I have noticed, though, that so much of the online info, including hours and menu are 'WAY outdated. Call before you go. For example, Monday lunches were 86'd back in 2019, and since Covid the menu is smaller and may or may not include your once-favorite item. I'm still thrilled they survived.

Gabryel Ortega-pelona

I really enjoy the authenticity of this restaurant.The atmosphere is great for a low key date night.This is a must try for locals and visitors alike.I will choose quality over quantity every time!

Zelda H.

Hidden in a strip mall, small restaurant with excellent sushi and sashimi at reasonable rates.

Aly George

Very friendly staff and although it might take an extra moment to get your order- you can tell that everything is made from fresh order. It's quite busy too which is also a good sign of a successful company.

Bill Hohensee

The most authentic and delicious variety of Japanese food you'll find without flying to Tokyo

Del DeVries

Lovely Japanese restaurant in a neighborhood strip mall. Beautifully presented Bento boxes and sushi that a delight to look at, and also delightful to feast on. The service was attentive to our needs and made us feel welcome and comfortable. Thank you for a very nice dining experience.

ET 3647

Classic style family run Japanese restaurant. I tried the chicken sukiyaki and the flavor was good ?. The chicken & noodles, tofu & veggies not over cooked. I want to go back again & try other dishes.

John C. Bunnell

Excellent food, courteous service & plentiful portions; notably, first-rate yakisoba and sautéed shrimp. Post-pandemic seating is well spaced, so reservations are probably wise.

Trixie Delzamo

Definitely my favorite Japanese restaurant in Beaverton. Authentic, fresh and delicious!

Christy Law

This place is so very good! Authentic Japanese food!! Visit soon!!!

Racquel K.

My husband and I swung by during a quick trip to Portland and were pleasantly surprised. The sushi and service were excellent. Tables are currently spaced out due to COVID so we felt safe. I got the sushi platter and loved it!


Feels like a small mom and pop sushi place. Very nice people. And good sushi.

Jenn W.

HOLE-IN-THE-WALL HOT SPOT: Izakaya & Sushi I've been coming to Ikenohana since the 90s and just can't keep this authentically Japanese joint a secret from the Yelp community any longer. Listen to J-Pop and watch the sushi chef at work while you wait for your finger-lickin-good karaage. If you're thrifty, it's best to come at lunch when you can get this amazing sashimi bento for $13. Yes... That's a screamin deal when the sashimi melts in your mouth. If raw fish isn't your thing, they have lunch specials just for your silly face. They've also mastered my favorite, the creamy scallop handroll. Who would've thought putting a shio leaf would make it next level?

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