Pho Van Beaverton Town Square

11651 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton
(503) 627-0822

Recent Reviews

Hovan Matthews

First time I went wasn't to bad on the pho then kept going a few time more food gotten better, but the service and waitress was excellent

Linh Phan

Same three stars review here as many others regarding gratuity. Other Pho Van locations don’t seem to require mandatory 18%, which is about what I tip anyway, but when it’s mandatory, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I mean the food is decent, like most most Pho Van, but this particular location took the wrong approach in business, and will likely lose quite a few customers. They “might” gain a little in tip, but lose out a bigger profit in volume from loyal customers.

Lei I.

This has been our go to pho place every trip we've visited Beaverton after our first trial and error with a different spot. Could we have ventured out and tried something new? Probably, but during the pandemic, information online wasn't the most reliable and if it works why change it? We started taking trips at the end of last year (2020) so the cold was the best time for pho! With the pandemic still ongoing, the restaurant provided an outdoor covered seating area with heating lamps, right outside of the restaurant! The seating was limited, so coming before the lunch rush was best and also due to social distancing. As restaurants opened up indoor dining, we tried that as well, just to compare. Between the two I prefer the outdoor seating. The ordering and payment varied. Outdoor seating: order and pay at the podium they provided outside before seating yourselves. Inside: ordered and paid with the cashier before being seated. The last visit we were seated first, ordered then paid at the end. Depends on protocol and seating area. Gratuity will already be added and they will verbally say so, so there wouldn't be any confusion. We'd usually order the cha gio and our pho. My usual is the lean brisket and he'd get the combination. Can't go wrong with pho! Especially theirs. As for the cha gio, I feel like I need to be in the mood for it to order it. First time we visited, we chose the large sizes since IT'S BEEN SO LONG! After that, the regular sizes will suffice. Other than those two items, I haven't tried anything else. Staff always wore masks. Hand sanitizer is available. I felt like our food came out in a timely manner, as well as amenities (if asked for).

Travis Naganuma

It’s been a while since we’ve been here because of Covid. I am giving it three stars. not because of the food. Because of the forced 18% gratuity. I understand the economics of trying to get and retain restaurant employees in this post pandemic economy. However, I would rather they raise their prices a little bit on everything versus force an 18% gratuity. I guess on the positive side more money will go to the servers versus the house. Another option would be to just pay the employees more. That would also guarantee more money to the staff. Lastly for an 18% gratuity I would actually expect pretty good service under normal conditions. When we went to the restaurant it was only a few customers there so they weren’t overly busy. Now I know restaurants are shorthanded but regardless I think the service was not really that great.

Anderson Lapuz

Nothing special! I'm from the bay area we visited Oregon saw this restaurant closed from the hotel that we're staying so I decided to give it a try. we ordered 3 plate items, 2 appetizers and one dessert. They charged me $80 dollars! I thought I got confused when the lady told me so I asked her again, Thing is you have to order first before you get your table, she then told me that there's 18% for the service fee, I was like what service is she talking about? this is just a small restaurant I have never ever had an experience like this at the vietnamese Restaurant! in bay area Pho restaurant is everywhere so I know the prices of the food. The food was ok but overpriced I just wanted people to know my experience here.

Peter Carlesimo

One of my kids’ best friends flew in from Colorado and so we were looking for a nice dinner for all of us.She had never had Phở before so I ordered dinner for the four of us from Phở Vân in the Beaverton Town Square.Ironically we all ordered the same dish Phở gà and we all loved it!It comes with a generous amount of mix-ins including the amazing rau ram.It was fresh and fantastic, definitely 5 Stars!!!

Jason Yontef

Good authentic peanut sauce, the chicken wings are tastier the the wing place in the same strip mall.

Njeri P.

I ordered the rice with ginger chicken. Omg! So good! Really well-flavored. There were even pieces of fresh ginger in the dish. I also ordered the lychee lemonade which was very refreshing. I was a bit worried that it was going to taste soapy which happens sometimes with people make drinks with lychee, but it was really tasty. I would definitely go back. Interested in trying their Pho.

Alex Lee

Great vegan pho with filling portion sizes. Flavorful broth that's not oily. Thank you Pho Van!

Mesa S.

So what's The deal here?? Automatic charge tip .. doesn't matter the amount of people dinning ... is this even legal ?? 18% add when paying ... come back with our card and say already add tip to it

Adonica B.

The food here is always AMAZING! My favorite is the Pho Dac Biet with extra meatballs and tendon. Their customer service is over the top AMAZING also!

Hanna G.

All the food was so amazing and full of flavor. The Thai iced tea has chai seeds in it. My veggie pho has 2 different tofu styles. Baked, and fried. I will be back.

Beth Bawnik

Little did I know that you have to agree to their automatic 18% tip on an order for a bowl of soup which I can get from many other Vietnamese restaurants in Beaverton and Hillsboro. Also if you aren't wear a mask outside while you're waiting for a table, the hostess taking takeout orders and seating customers will tell you to wear a mask. Again this is while you're waiting outside. So much science going on. Needless to say, Pho Van has lost a customer. I went next door to Potbelly and ate a sandwich.

Jeka S

Customer service BOTTOM NOTCH. Server/waitress has memory problems with what I've ordered and just laughs off making it seem like Im the one who is Forgetful! LAST TIME My foot STEPS there!!!! There are OTHER MUCH BETTER PHO PLACES!

Ron Johnson

Always delicious. Don't forget to order the deep fried spring rolls. They are awesome.

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