Black Wolf Supper Club

454 Willamette St, Eugene
(541) 687-8226

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S K.

Decided to try Black Wolf Supper Club on a Thursday evening in July 2021 because of positive key lime pie reviews. We arrived at 7:45 and were seated at one of the 4 tables on the sidewalk. Destiny took our order of fried chicken, gumbo, and biscuits before 8:00. By 8:30, our meal still had not been served, so my husband went into the restaurant to check on the meal and was told that there was only one cook that evening. Destiny never checked on us and never let us know that the meal would be delayed. That would have been the reasonable thing to do as we realize that things happen. Finally, the meal arrived. Destiny, please stop the condescending tone, too. The fried chicken was excellent with a light crispy crust and the chicken was moist. The biscuits were nothing special. It took forever to get a box for leftovers and the check. Can't tell if the key lime pie was any good, because we didn't order it as we had already spent 90 minutes there and didn't want to wait any longer for dessert and coffee. We won't be returning to the Black Wolf Supper Club on our future trips to Eugene. There are plenty of other restaurants with great food and service in Eugene.

Mark Knight

I live 3 hours away, and it is worth the drive for dinner. The stuffed pork chops were YUM!!!!!!

Steve E.

Have been on a bit of a mission to check out highly recommended restaurants from social media. For whatever reason, the Black Wolf Supper Club kept popping up. For the life of me, I cannot understand why. With high expectations... I am another closet foodie when to check it out. We shared an order of the Crab Beignets... without ever having a beignet before it is hard to say if they really met the mark... they however were the highlight of the meal. The other diner ordered the Gumbo... not sure who told the chef that to cook Southern that the offering had to be spicy beyond palatable. The diner even ordered a second serving of rice to try to tone it down. Lord help me... I too tried his entry and it was beyond palatable. I ordered the BBQ Shrimp... First I was a bit put off that I had to peel each shrimp to eat it... which I would not have minded if the effort had resulted in a morsel worth eating. Nope, not the case... the shrimp was WAY overcooked and each bit was akin to bitting into a bit of rubber. An absolute disgrace to shrimp. Again... whoever the chef was last night does really not care about presenting food worth enjoying but rather slinging out whatever can be gotten away with HIGHLY DISSAPOINTED ... will not be back

Kimber R.

Not really understanding why this place has such high reviews...the food was quite disappointing. We ordered the chicharonnes, the crab beignets, the fried chicken and the collard greens. While the chicharonnes were tasty in a way that they traditionally are, half of the ordered was over-fried and too hard to enjoy. The dip left a lot to be desired as well with a bland Mayo-lime flavor. The beignets are what I was most excited about as the reviews I'd read stated that they were amazing. These were closer to hush puppies than the light airy texture that you traditionally get with beignets. Unfortunately they were Super dense and bland in flavor despite coming on top of what seemed like a pound of some kind of lackluster tartar sauce. The fried chicken really was prepared quite well and very tasty. I really enjoyed that and the collard greens. Both were exactly as delicious as expected though I am confused by the name "kimchi collards" as nothing about the collard greens lent themselves to the kimchi designation. The final disappointment was the reaper honey butter which only tasted mildly of honey and had no discernible reaper flavor at all. I inquired with the waitress as to whether the butter biscuit that comes with the chicken was in fact said butter and she stated "yes. It's a very mild flavor." Truly an understatement as the flavors that would lend itself to that name were entirely missing and understated would be an understatement. I would not return to this restaurant. The food was lackluster and due to short staffing, the service wasn't good either. The waitress came to the table to take our order and only returned to give us our check. I do understand that lack of staffing is an issue affecting so many so I did not factor that into my experience as the waitress was very nice in the two interactions that we did have with her.

Patrick Weed

Great dinner with family. Great service and good food!

Elise M.

We ordered the fried chicken, crab beignets, and key lime pie for two. We cleaned up everything and were stuffed to the points of our stomachs and heads aching slightly (our own faults for being members of the clean plate club). We can eat quite a bit, so I'd say the portions are more than fair for each dish we had. The fried chicken came with two giant breasts and a pillowy soft biscuit. The batter for the fried chicken was only slightly overly oily, but it was very impressive just how juicy the fried chicken breast was. The pickled onion topping that came with the dish was a good acidic addition to help cut the flavor of the dish. Beignets were a little more dense and had less crab flavor and meat than we were hoping for, but worth trying since it's not a common dish. The outer fry of the beignets was light and perfectly crisp. Key lime pie with a graham crumble sugar crust and heavy cream topping was delicious. Everyone who loves key lime pie has their own idea of a perfect pie, some like it more tart, some more limey etc. but I really enjoyed this one and would come even just for the pie!

Scott Bush

What a perfect meal! Loved every course of the meal. Best collard greens I've ever had. Delicious beignets and key lime pie. Will be back again soon. Jared and the wait staff were excellent.

Cade B.

The food itself and also the portions don't match the pricing whatsoever. Shouldn't be paying almost 20 dollars for a greasy chicken entree, when the finished product comes out looking like it was made in a KFC kitchen. Avoid!!

Robyn G.

This place was rather disappointing after hearing all the rave reviews. Service was seriously sub par. Three waitresses with one carrying the entire workload while the other two either stayed perched atop near the kitchen or seemed to wander about aimlessly through the restaurant. We sat for a solid 15 minutes before the one who was working stopped by and asked if anyone had taken our drink order. Nope. Moving on. I ordered Mac n cheese, crab beignets, and the grilled Caesar Brussels sprout salad ( I forget exactly what they call it). The hubs ordered jambalaya. I received my order all at once and no one ever checked back until I was done. Hubs never got his jambalaya, so we can't comment on that dish. I'll say, the grilled Caesar was a marvel- amazingly delicious and probably where the restaurant eked out their 3 stars. The beignets were good but with zero crab flavor. The Mac n cheese was essentially inedible. It was dry and hard and crusty. I let our waitress know but nothing was done. This was our second trip as our first go round was when they first opened. We had a similar experience then, but thought we'd give them another chance assuming maybe our initial experience was due to opening snaffoos. However, given a second chance the place underperformed again. I think we can officially take this place out of our rotation.

Aaron W.

Now my favorite place in Eugene for dinner. This place is amazing! If you don't get sucked into the really expensive cocktails, it;s actually less expensive than a lot of far inferior local restaurants. But let's be honest... those cocktails...

Sheryl F.

My husband & I celebrated our Anniversary this evening at Black Wolf Supper Club. Their food definitely holds the attention of our eyes and taste buds! I will admit a lack of self control that comes over us when Black Wolf cuisine is laid out confidently before us! Bites happen..... The Poblano Hush Puppies come with the house Carolina Reaper Honey Butter. They have just enough spice to make them interesting and delicious. Then, we were excited about a sensational flavor meld of fried chicken generously drizzled with a blended green salsa with sweet corn kernels dancing on every bite.... appetizer goals, I tell you! Black Wolf's Gumbo is filled with Andouille sausage, shrimp, and roasted poblanos swimming happily in a perfectly spiced, flavorful roux. Fluffy white rice comes alongside to accompany each tasty mouthful. The fried chicken prepared in this place is an incredible phenomenon in this town and beyond. This time we ordered the Chicken Sandwich & Frites. The delicious Granny Apple Slaw and pickles keep the chicken company on the bun, with house Carolina BBQ sauce on the side. The crisp frites are always perfect, especially with the 'best sauce ever' served with them. Tonight, all of those flavors combined caused an involuntary response....the word "yum" kept coming out after each bite....sorry/not sorry, can't help it, won't stop. During the current dearth of people looking for work, please understand that Black Wolf is running short-staffed. I was so impressed watching Edgar, Jared, and Destiny efficiently (busting their backsides) taking care of a full house, while Mikey was the brilliant chef cooking everything all by himself! Just go in to enjoy this treasured Supper Club knowing that patience is a virtue that will be rewarded with a glorious array of soul satisfying food served by a bunch of the coolest, sweetest people!

Alicia S.

Ok, so this was my second time here. Just impeccable! The fried chicken and roasted carrots and grits with hazelnut salsa were great! Last time I had the hush puppies too! The fried chicken is a thigh that is breaded perfectly and comes with a dipping sauce and some pickled onions. The grits were creamy, and had cheese curds and corn in them. Texture!! The ambiance here is fantastic. It's fun, and beautiful, and colorful. The bathroom was somewhere I could hang out lol. I got a smoked s'mores whisky drink and it was super tasty! We got the cracklings too! They were dusted with chiles and sugar and salt. They came to the table popping still! A good chicheron! Highly recommend this for a date night! Share so you can eat everything! It was hard to choose!

Jennifer Mcky

Love the food but called to make a to go order and was inform that they do not take To go order till after 8:30pm

Sasha O.

We came because of the high Yelp review. We ordered three dishes and they were all super salty and oily. There was no reprieve. The service was amazing, thus the extra star.

Elsie Franklin

Small Restaurant! Food was good! Too crowded and had to wait on food to long!

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