Blu Mist Restaurant and Bar

1400 Valley River Dr #130, Eugene
(541) 636-3306

Recent Reviews

loren westfall

Clean restroom,great service,Patsy Kline music great over all experience

Tanya Lee Mathis

Great Atmosphere and tasty cuisine.

Dwayne Brown

Excellent food, service, decor, and cleanliness. Best Pad Thai we have ever eaten.

Dave Cox

Great food, friendly and attentive service, nice atmosphere. Food runs a bit on the mild side (which is safer than the other way). Good drinks as well. They had some curry fries which I'd never had before, and were super tasty.

Juliana Armijo

I thought this place was really great! The food was some of the best Thai that I have had in a long time. The duck dish was spot on with the duck cooking time. It wasn't chewy and it was delicious. It was a great combination of herbaceous flavor as well as the earthy sweetness of the red curry. The rice was perfectly made. It was full of flavor and delicious. The pad see ew was a bit sweet for my taste but the herbs (cilantro) in it helped level it out. The beef was cooked beautifully. I hate it when I get beef and it comes out grey. This was browned and beautiful. The noodles were great and not over done. The mussels were to die for. I loved the mixture between Thai flavors and the typical white wine flavors. It was very unique. The toasted baguettes were perfectly toasted too. The calamari was perfectly fried. It was seasoned well. The sauce was a bit salty, so go east on it!! It really was a great attribution to the calamari which could be on its own without any complaint. The service was excellent. The waiter was very aware of bringing water and making sure we had all the utensils we needed. The only thing bad i had to say was that the blueberry mojio wasn't as blue berry flavored as I would have hoped. I would have just thought it was a strong mojito if I didn't know. The Thai iced tea was the best I have tasted in the last 10 years.

Avery Flowers

We had a reservation on a Tuesday evening for my friends birthday. We were so excited to check this place out because of the great reviews. However, we were very disappointed by the service we received. Our server came by our table for the first time over 20 minutes after we were seated. It took around 30 minutes to get our appetizer and drinks and shortly after that we got our entrees. The food tasted great but needed chili sauce which our server offered to get us. Half of our food was gone and our server was no where to be found. Eventually we got another server to get it for us. We wanted another round of drinks and the server didn’t come by until our food was already gone. The server never acknowledged the fact that they neglected our table. Our water cups were empty 90% of the time we were there. Overall, it put a huge damper on her birthday night and even though the food was great none of us plan on returning.

Deborah Ross

Great lunch

Drew Jacobsen

My mother and I went here and decided to share some small plates. It is not your usual Thai food, there are some classical dishes but some more modern ones as well which were very good. We had the Thai wings, calamari and Tom Yum fries.The sauce for the calamari was amazing and they use the rings which is much better than the strips other places use. It was cooked to perfection.The wings were good as well, they were a tad overcooked and came to the table not super hot, but they were very tasty.The fries could have been crisper for our taste but I also know not everyone enjoys crispy fries.

sally blankenship-ziegler

We ordered four small plates to start that we all shared like appetizers. Every single one of them were excellent. We had two entrees that we split between us and they were both delicious. The atmosphere was great. Our server was absolutely astounding. We really wanted to try dessert but we ran out of space in our bellies. I definitely recommend checking out Blu mist we have lunch here but it's nice enough that you could definitely come here on a date night with your significant other.

Camille McGregor

9.5 out of 10. The point five deduction was for smallish portions since honestly everything was so tasty we could have eaten more. Best clam chowder ever, and I’m from New England. The game hen was incredibly tasty, as were the duck balls, and the mango salad. The blue sticky rice with mango and homemade coconut ice cream might be my favorite dessert of all time. All were plated beautifully and service was friendly and attentive.


Fabulous place. Diverse menu. Excellent and distinctive flavors. Hard working service staff. Clean and comfortable. Ideally go four people bc there is soooo many great items on the menu it's hard to decide which to get. We loved the beef cubes, wings, chowder,fried tofu, mushroom tacos.

Ansley Duettra

We had a group of 8 people and were sat immediately. Michelle was the nicest waitress we have ever had and made our dining experience amazing! Can’t wait to return.

Kyle EarGazm

This place is rediculously amazing, the food, the staff especially our waitress Michelle so friendly and bubbly, the setup, the mouthgazms!!

Candace Hollick

Such a wonderful surprise! Beautiful decor, very relaxing. Totally awesome food, very tasty cashew chicken and calamari..yum! Yum! Can't wait to go back and try more.

Francia Choy

The one star is solely based on food. The food was great! The service however, top 3 worst experiences I've ever had. Our waitress Vee i believe her name is, took our drink and appetizer order brought it out and never came back to check on us nor ask us if we were ordering anything else. We wanted to order our main entrees & more drinks but she never showed. After about an hour , I asked one of the other male servers if he could get our waitress for us and he was definitely bothered I was asking him. This was my first experience at Blu Mist my husband took me there for my birthday. We won't be back, ever.

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