Cornucopia Bar & Burgers

207 E 5th Ave, Eugene
(541) 485-2676

Recent Reviews

Win McLaughlin

I’ve been gone for three years and this is the place I stop first. Best burgers in town, great tots, great beer selection. Both the beef and in house made veggie burgers are great, one of the few places I get veggie purgers.

Juliana Armijo

I don't have pictures. The fries are okay. Everything else from the drink to the food was garbage. So expensive for what tastes like fast food dollar menu items. I'm done trying cornucopia locations. They are all really horrible.

Catrina Chitjian

They are very confident in their menu, and they are correct to be- their burgers are quite delicious. I tried both their aloha and standard. While I love tater tots I do recommend going with their fries.

Zoey Varin

Awesome mac and cheese. Great service too!

Tyler Boyes

Great bar with great food and drinks. Bartenders even tho were extremely busy still made sure I had a drink at all times. Definitely will be returning.

Andromeda Moore

Tried a Baby Bleu burger with tots and a local plum cider. Beef was exceptionally tender and well cooked, tots the right amount of crisp, and the cider was perfectly frosty. Our waitress was friendly and attentive to empty water glasses. My only grief was the price. Over $60 for two entrées, two apps and one cider (no refill).

Amy M

I had tried Cornucopia several years ago because I had heard the burgers were amazing. At that time I was very disappointed in the slow service, rude waitress and cold burger. Now, today I gave them a second chance but did not order a burger. I ordered the Bavarian Pretzel with bacon cheese dip, cheese curds, and tater tots (shared all with coworker). The cheese curds were delicious! The tater tots were extra greasy and kind of cold, like they'd been sitting awhile. But the pretzel was the worst. It was hard and stale. The bacon cheese dip was ok, but it had the consistency of melted fake plastic cheese. The service was very nice and friendly, but we took it Togo. We work only 3 blocks away, so that's not why it was cold and stale. I've seen many responses from the owner saying"this isn't normal" but after two visits many years apart, I won't be trying again.

Gloria Arlin K.

We decided on Cornucopia because they have cauliflower wings and my son is currently vegetarian. I am so glad we did. I had a burger and it was delicious and the French Frys did not disappoint . The service was great even though they are short staffed. The ranch dressing was also really good. The food was amazing. I did not have a beer but you could tell the customers at the bar where happy. I will be back for sure.

Kyndra B.

We have been here multiple times and their burgers are the best in Eugene(that we've had). Customer service has always been good. We loved having the option to sit outside during COVID restrictions.

Amy Renee

Was passing through town, and did an online order-first time here. I spent $119 on the order, and the order wasn't to description. The swiss and mushrooms didn't specify it was a hamburger WITH swiss cheese and mushrooms- it literally just said "Swiss cheese over mushrooms". As a vegetarian, this is an actual sandwich for us. The online menu made me select a "side option" of tater tots or fries. I chose tater tots. It then asked for substitutions- a long list of items. It then had a section below that offered an option for Soup -at an additional cost of $4 something. I selected the soup option. I paid a high price, and didn't get what I ordered. We are vegetarian, but received meat. We did not get any tater tots at all . When I spoke to the manager, rather than trying to see from a customer's perspective that the menu was confusing , she was defensive. Rather than trying to improve her business by taking feedback, she slapped me down. I would not recommend this place. Some people want to bring something great to the community, others want to exploit a need for profit. It's obvious what category this business falls into.

Jackie Vazquez

Came here strictly for dessert and i can definitely say dessert is not their specialty. We ordered the cheesecake, brownie, and the rice crispy. The cheesecake was dry. The brownie and rice crispy were hard.The table was suuuper sticky, so sticky that the napkins stuck to the table. It was a little disgusting.My brother and his gf ordered dinner and it was delicious af. Their Wasabi ranch whatever was amazing. And the server was supet sweet. So there's that.I like to give people 2nd chances so hopefully next time the table is clean and the dessert is better. Definitely ordering food next time too.

Joseph Ycaza

One of my favorite eateries in Eugene. I haven't tried anything besides the philly cheese steak because it's so good that I feel the need to get it each time.

Connie Hayes

It was burger Monday and the beef was quality. Service was fast. Area of town was nice

Jay J.

These guys would not serve us 30 minutes prior to closing. 8:30 Saturday night. Terrible attitude Where all the restaurants complaining that they were closed during Covid you would think they would at least wanna serve you when they're open worst ever.

Savannah L.

The second time I've had a bad experience here and as a local I'm over it. There are far more better restaurants to waste any more time dealing with the incompetence and rudeness of the Cornucopia staff. The food is sub par as well, and salted to all get out. The server I dealt with the first time snapped at my brother to "not sit down yet!!" as he was moving out of the way of other customers, and this second time they sat another party before us because they "checked in" (unbeknownst to my folks who hadn't been here before...there's a small note in chalk on a small sign out front that they missed to check in inside) but the way the staff handled it was extremely uncalled for and rude. No need to tell potential customers "you have to get up now because there's other customers that actually checked in" honestly there are much better ways to go about it. Skip this unorganized madness and go to a better restaurant.

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