Legend of Szechuan

207 E 5th Ave, Eugene
(541) 246-8691

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Michelle VC

we enjoyed their dishes, service and atmospherewill most definitely return to explore more of their menu

Sharon Bell- Armstrong

Delicious, quick and friendly! They even customized my meal for Kero.

Amy Bone

The food was...okay. I had higher hopes. The potstickers were pretty good. The dumplings weren't bad, just not super flavorful. The fried rice was mediocre - we got the pork fried rice which apparently is only pork fat in 'fried' rice with no seasonings. And the broccoli beef was also pretty tasteless - also not seasoned at all. The service was quick but they weren't very nice, and seemed to have a bad attitude, like they were mad we were there. I get that we showed up an hour before they closed, but seriously? I won't be going back.


We moved from Florida just few months back and my husband and I enjoy this place every week! They have fresh and delicious food. Friendly place and amazing customer service. I highly recommend it ?

Ray M.

One of the best spots in Eugene. Really friendly staff and incredibly delicious food options. The sweet & sour pork is addicting. The wontons in chili sauce were perfect, the wrapping was just the perfect thickness and the filling had so much flavor. I highly recommend this spot to anyone in the neighborhood!

Cindy M.

We love szechuan food and mala (numbing) spicy anything so we were ecstatic to find this gem in Eugene! We came here for lunch. Ambiance: spacious, chinese decor, clean, well-lit areas near windows, bar in the back We ordered: - spicy pig ears: loveeee this! If you love tendon or gelatinous things, then you will love this. Chewy on the outside, minimally crunchy in the middle. One thing is that I wish it had more mala flavor. - flank steak dry pot: oily (which is expected for a dry pot) and lots of delicious mala flavor. I wish it was even more numbing spicy! Service: friendly, nice, attentive! Come here for authentic szechuan food. Super delicious. 10/10 would return.

Jay P.

The family was wanting Chinese food, so after some looking we decided on this place. Just letting you know this is a busy part of town and parking maybe a bit hard to find. Luckily we did near by. The atmosphere inside is cozy and we were greeted and seated quickly. We ordered the egg drop soup, chicken fried rice, sesame chicken, and dan dan noodles. The egg drop soup was a bit bland and was lacking salt, but after adding a tiny bit of soy sauce made it better. The fried rice was good, not the best that we have had elsewhere. I had an issue with the sesame chicken, the quantity was good and the size of the chicken pieces, but the sauce just tasted like sweetened dressed up ketchup and had a awkward taste. The best thing for me was the dan dan noodles. The meat tasted great, the noodle texture was chewy and good, and with just a nice hint of heat. Staff was nice and the visit was okay overall. Might have to come back to try other things on the menu to compare.

Jackie Vazquez

Came by this place by complete accident and was not disappointed.I usually do not like Chinese food because it's never authentic, its always Americanized. However this place seemed legit. Their food was incredible, very savory and flavourful. Their Kung Pao chicken was pleasantly spicy just as it advertised and the beef broccoli was juicy. The customer service was great the place was clean and the food overall was delicious.Will definitely come here again

Jenna Campbell

Very friendly staff and was beautiful inside! Went with a few friends and got several dishes to share. All of the food was very flavorful and was a great price! I'd love to go back!

Jenna C.

Very friendly staff and was beautiful inside! Went with a few friends and got several dishes to share. All of the food was very flavorful and was a great price! I'd love to go back!

K W.

A lot of places claim to serve Szechuan. Legend Of Szechuan is the real deal. Tonight was my first time there, as it was with my two pals. We ordered beers from a nice drink menu, and three entrees plus pot stickers. Service was fast and very gracious, and the food was incredible. Our choices included the Pork Spare Rib Dry Pot, Red Lucky Pot, and Oregon Duck. Our pot stickers were tasty and served with two sauces ( one mild, one spicy ). The Red Lucky Pot and the Pork Spare Rib Dry Pot, with different flavor profiles, were delicious and the ingredients were fresh. The wild card, in our minds, was the Oregon Duck. There is usually some trepidation when ordering duck, because it is often greasy or overcooked. The kitchen at Legend of Szechuan prepared a perfectly cooked plate of duck. It was seasoned beautifully and not fatty at all. I can confidently say that all three of us will return to this gem of an eatery.

jason allen

Let me start by saying that if you are not a connoisseur of Sichuan food you could have an enjoyable experience here.It's totally authentic. It's just a mediocre representation of totally authentic dishes where they don't hit the quality points Sichuan chefs usually strive for:- The wrappers of the wontons were more than twice as thick as what is considered a well done delicate wrapper. It's not easy to achieve a truly thin and delicate wrapper that still contains all of its contents without breaking so that is why this is something chefs strive for. It is not appear that this restaurant was making any efforts in this regard.- the Sichuan shrimp had more than twice the breading or dredge or wheat flour on the outside of them than normal. The shrimp were on the small side, overcooked and it may be that they were trying to bread them up to look bigger. Hard to say, but the results were not fantastic. More chewy without any burst of shrimpy flavor than crunchy with juicy shrimp inside like they're supposed to be.- The boiling beef was tasty but not as rich and as oily as when it is well done. The beef itself might have been chemically tenderized.- The bok choy was excellent and the wood ear mushrooms were delicate and delicious.- The pig's ear cold appetizer was one of the thickest sliced and least tender I've ever had. Flavor was good, but again, the texture was totally subpar.

Sherry Ma

Some Chinese International students suggested this place, and I'm sure glad they did! Their dishes seem spendy on first glance but their portions are almost twice as much as what you would expect. The vegetables in my stir fry were cooked perfectly and the flavors are just *chef's kiss*They boast that they have the best Chinese food in Eugene, and it's not wrong so far.

Emily Hobbs

THIS PLACE IS AMAZING & FOR SO MANY REASONS. My fiancé & I are enjoying a meal from here for our first time and as we're eating, we CAN'T stop raving about how truly delicious it is & we're actually looking at the menu DREAMING about our next take-out we get from here. Above how delicious it is, the service was 15/10 & made our food so quick even if there was multiple orders in. I can't say enough good things about Legend of Szechuan... DON'T SLEEP on this place like we did!

Margaret S.

Having eaten Asian food in many places, I would not say that this was good. The Mongolian beef had a dark gravy, which I have never seen before. A spicy shrimp dish was anything but spicy. Simply fried shrimp with a bit of what seemed like cilantro and a few pepper flakes. Won't be back, but perhaps this is the best Eugene has to offer. One positive, the service was good.

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