Lion and Owl

60 E 11th Ave, Eugene
(541) 606-0626

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Ken Trussell

I haven't been treated so poorly in a long time. I was curious about the new ownership, as it was called the Black Forest. I had grabbed a menu and wanted to take some pictures, however the manager asked me to leave. Even with a menu in hand. I was demanded to show proof of vaccine, which I have through the VA (US Navy vet). As I am pulling out my proof of vaccine, manager still ask me to leave. If the manager cannot show an ounce of compassion for a nostalgic, and hungry, veteran, I fear for anyone who doesn't fit their demographic.addendum : I see a mgr gave the perfect response. to an inaccurate transgression. Thank you, but no thank you. I like eating where I'm welcome.

Cassandra Buitron

Probably the best restaurant in Eugene. It lives up to the hype.

Chris Brooks

Inventive, unique, delicious. A gem in Eugene and a must stop for all future trips back.

Samantha LeVine

So the food and ambience at this spot is stellar, though I think most items could have been seasoned/salted more thoroughly. Beautiful menu, gorgeously presented, incredible space. My 3 stars is exclusively due to the nonchalance of the service. It’s not difficult to greet someone immediately when they arrive. It’s not difficult to offer the first guest arriving in a larger party a drink while she waits. We had a drink spilled by the server (no biggie, it happens) but there was a puddle at my feet for the remainder of my meal and I got tiniest whisper of an apology some time after the mishap. Finally, we had a family member call in a credit card for (generous birthday gift!) payment and, after I got the bill delivered, had to ask if it was taken care of. “Oh, yah, he was SO sweet” was the response. But how lovely would it have been if that was spontaneously offered up without me asking? In summary, aside from the food itself, I did NOT feel well-cared for at this jaunt (I’d say they’re lucky I wasn’t the one leaving the tip). Will likely try again with a smaller party in case it was just a bad day since the food was so delicious.

Anthony Connole

This is the best breakfast I have ever had. The food is clearly high quality made from scratch. The environment of the restaurant is very cozy and friendly. It is a little more expensive but we were easily able to share one plate between two of us. Fantastic experience.

Aiting Zhu

We were in Eugene for a short vacation and this cute place caught our attentions.Foods were absolutely superb and worth every penny. The rotisserie chicken was tender and juicy. Presentations were also aesthetically pleasing.Loved it!

323 Food

Foie Gras pop tart sounded so weird but ended up being amazing! The camera did not succeed in eating first but everything was top notch. Very fresh oysters. Order their daily baked good, their banana bread is possibly best I’ve had!!

Patrick T. Hoffman

Excellent service and great food. We had brunch there during the 4th if July weekend while driving down from Portland. The miso banana bread was ?

Mike C.

We had a great meal here today. Steak & Eggs, Fennel Cucumber Salad, Pancakes, fresh grapefruit juice, pour over coffee & J-Tea Starry Night hibiscus tea. All unique and delicious. The food is carefully prepared with big flavors. The gracious and welcoming service is easily on par with the food including the steadily busy but calm crew in the open kitchen. This is a special place. The food, ambience and service are among the best in Oregon. Perfect for a casual brunch or a special occasion meal.

Justin Boecker

One of the best brunches I I've ever had. I had the steak and egg platter and it was amazing.

Hudson Reynolds

Beautiful venue with an Airstream trailer inside the building! Gourmet menu that I recommend looking at online beforehand. Very good food and service. Kirsten made our meal wonderful by helping accommodate everyone. Highly recommend but make a reservation!

Josie Earl

Absolutely favorite place in Eugene. Super cute atmosphere, the staffs is beyond fabulous. They have incredible vegetarian options and the mimosas cannot be beat

Jason Rankin

The staff and owners were super friendly, the food was amazing. Specialty drinks were some sort of magical concoction. I'm coming back soon!!!

Oregon G.

We ordered the Family Dinner (for 2+) called Rabbit Stroganoff to pick up at 5 PM. It was right on time and they threw in some very tasty cookies we had not ordered! The dish was still hot when I got it home. We both had plenty to eat with some left over. It was wonderfully prepared with fresh Morel mushrooms, peas and shredded rabbit with a great light mustard cream sauce. I greatly enjoyed the mix of flavors, especially the very fresh morels. The restaurant seems to be open only for takeout or delivery right now. There are two pickup parking spaces right at the door and one of the owners brought my food out to the car. Like everyone else, I am sure they would like to open for in-person dining, but not yet. Call ahead and pay by credit card. The menu changes every month with some dishes repeating. My impression is that Lion and Owl make menus that feature the locally fresh ingredients available at the time. They certainly succeeded today. Highly recommended.

Kindy Wright

The food that came out of this tiny kitchen was mind blowing. We went for brunch and had savory macaroons, breakfast in the garden platter, and buckwheat pancakes, duck morels, and of course mimosas.. Great place to go if you're looking for something different and more into experiences and quality over quantity.

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