Lonches To Go

901 River Rd, Eugene
(541) 461-7920

Recent Reviews

Marlana Lewis

My favorite Mexican food in eugene

Gianna Linares

Great place

Brent B.

Good value, satisfies the Mexican craving. Salsa was very plain tasting, though, and it feels like they're never open (I've called/stopped by multiple times during business hours and they seem to always be closed).

Beach S.

This is my first time that I came here and it was very good. I just moved here and I've tried a lot of places and so far this is one of the best I've come to. We got two carne asada plates, and the jalapeños were at a good spice level, and the meat was great. Definitely coming back even though I don't live in this area of Eugene. Very cool fish tanks too.

Mason Peckels

Wow Lonches to go is definitely in the top 5 best burritos in Eugene. I got the car it's burrito and the meat was delicious, the beans were great and the tortilla was warm and crispy. The venue they serve out if is a very rustic well kept food truck which I actually really like. They have an outdoor seating area that is small, but quaint, and they also have an indoor area, not in use, but it is very welcoming and features two small aquariums and a Harley Davidson motorcycle. They have jarritos and water for beverages, and a large menu with tasteful options. Only thing to change is they use Styrofoam for their to-go orders, change that and they would be 5 stars for sure! Their rice and beans are AMAZING!

Margaret P.

Pork burrito was so good! Lots of meat! And chile relleno burrito was great! Egg coating on the chile, and good quantity of cheese. Hot sauce was tasty (and hot!).
Very friendly lady helped me


Try to find a better wet burrito in town. This place doesn't fool around!

Jonah R.

I would name this my favorite taco distributor Ever. The freshness of all the ingredients combined with the excellently blended spices seasoning the chicken,  particularly, made this the best. The rice was fluffy and full of flavor, the refried beans had a pleasant, mild, but full taste. The meat also tasted fresh and well cared for. Five Stars

Mike C.

Very good, freshly made food at Lonches! This is one of Eugene's longest running food trucks and one of the most reliable.
- Friendly service!
- Tasty Salsas!
- Quick walk up or phone orders (prepared fresh so takes a couple minutes).
- Tacos and burritos both recommended.

Irene Marcus

Good food. Reasonable prices. Open air.

Heather G.

Our favorite place to eat in all of Eugene!!! You can never tell when they'll be closed though so can't always count on it.

Caitlin Flynn

best mexican food in town!

ben smith

This place is Great, I believe ive found my new favorite Mexican food place. I'm pretty picky when it comes to certain foods but they nailed it with there chicken enchiladas and I'll be sure to come here again to try there other menu items.

Heather Cairns

It is so hard to find an authentic taco around here but this place has the competition cornered! My go-to is Carnitas tacos: double corn tortilla with shredded Carnitas (pork), topped with fresh chopped cilantro and white onion, ask for salsa Verde on the side.

Penny Lane

This is my favorite place to eat! They have the best burritos and are always so nice and funny:) I’ve been going ever since I was little and they’re food has always been a big part of my childhood and every time I’ve gone there they’ve been so so nice❤️

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