Makoto Japanese Restaurant

1167 Willamette St, Eugene
(458) 201-7403

Recent Reviews

Randy Lew

great creative rolls. garlic edensme is fantastic

Kyle Taylor

Beat sushi and ramen I have found between Portland and Medford

Jerry C.

I got the beef rib-eye bento box, and it was really good! The flavor of the beef was rich! The price was more on the expensive side, but the ambiance was nice. They have a lot of specialty sushi rolls, which I didn't get. But I will try them out next time!

Rolando B.

Just in town over night on a Saturday and went strolling thru downtown Eugene with friends having a few cocktails. We happened by Makotos about 5:30 and decided to go in for dinner. The place was pretty big and not to crowded. There were a lot of booths available and were seated in one towards the middle. It had a nice view of the street, so you could people watch. We ordered combo tempura, Korean pork, fried salmon salad and calamari. All of which came out in a timely manner. So we didn't feel rushed to finish salad and appetizer. Server was very nice and attentive. Lucky we arrive when we did because by 6ish the place got VERY busy and people were starting to have to wait for a table. When Im hungry and buzzed, I need food now, can't wait lol. Will be back again.

Mr D.

I would actually give it 2.25 stars if 1/4 stars were available. I have eaten a lot of sushi in my life - from places throughout the country and so I have an idea of what to expect when it comes to good Sushi. Take a place like the Hukilau in Florence Oregon and compare it to Makoto - there is no comparison. Hukilau is hands down 2X times better than this place. The cost here doesn't equate to the portion size or quality one would expect. Look I have no problem spending $150 including tip when I know I will be having both lunch and dinner from the purchase. I spent $80 here for tiny little pieces of sushi that really did not taste good at all. Thankful I had leftover pieces of pizza because I was hungry and disappointed with what I got from Makoto. I have to wonder if the people who give this place high reviews have ever been outside of Eugene and actually had great sushi. Never ever will I or my wife eat here again. I am not trying to be mean - just being honest.

David Abare

Food was great as always. Service was fantastic. Loved the specials of the day. Great selection of sake to complete the experience.

Sof S.

My favorite sushi place in the eug. Large menu and everything is so fresh and yummy. Not much more to say.

Linda Winslow

Super good food! Second dining visit and have enjoyed both meals.

Letha Welch

Excellent fresh fish! Celebrated our son's 29th birthday. Will return on our next trip!

Jamelani Z.

It was my first time here. It was a nice & relaxing atmosphere. Prices here are affordable, but a little pricey especially for the sushi rolls. I opted for the monkey brain (spicy tuna & seaweed salad that was formed into a ball w/ avocado surrounding it & topped with flakes, spicy mayo, & fish eggs. It was good! I also got the miso salmon bento which wasn't the best, but was not bad. It came with a bunch of stuff. Lastly, I was really craving for fried ice cream as I had one before somewhere else. But I gotta say I was disappointed at this one. I guess I should have read the description though, but the title was misleading. It was more of a tempura ball filled with some syrup. Not my preference, but someone else with a major sweet tooth might like it. Anyway, i'd go here again!

Evan Tristan G.

This is by far the best sushi restaurant I went in Eugene, OR. Every time I came to visit my gf, we come to eat here twice a week. If I lived here, I'd come eat here 3 - 4 times a week. We've tried almost all of the food on the menu but what's really worth coming here is the desserts. Fried cheesecake & fried banana ice cream is to die for. Please come and try this restaurant, it's definitely worth every penny.

Steven T.

Makoto is a great place. We were visiting Eugene and wanted to try as many sushi place as possible and Makoto is on the top of the list at the end of the day. The atmosphere was awesome with great service. What we got: Crazy Monkey : really good roll. We wanted something with a kick. It wasn't that spicy at all for us but it was still good. Hard to go wrong with a roll with lots of toppings. I felt like there wasn't enough fish on the roll. Hamachi-kama : really good also but extra oily. I know yellowtail collar is suppose to be oily but it felt like there wasn't enough meat to balance it out. We always get this with a bowl of rice as it fits perfectly together. Sake toro nigiri: We didn't take a picture but it was beautiful. Extra fatty-melt in your mouth salmon that was just obviously the best piece of fish we had all night. Last we got the dessert, the fried tempura banana. We did not care for it because it was a lot of batter and not a lot of banana. If you are ok with that, it's not bad. It has a coconut flakes in the batter/tempura. We just expected something different. Overall, solid place and would go again whenever we are in Eugene!

Ahmed K.

This is another quality Japanese eatery. Down town, larger nice place with full bar and Suchi bar. It is also a nicely decored sit down restaurant. Good Suchi and meals. Drinks was the best I've had and they are very generous with their alcohol content. Their sashimi and rolls known for quality and huge portions. Not cheap though lol. Great service. Down town pay parking $3/Hr right next to restaurant or street parking so plan wisely. Can recommend!

Claudia Brown

Best Sushi in Eugene! We ordered rolls, sashimi and a bento box. As an appetizer we enjoyed the clams very much. Everything was so delicious!To top a great experience off, our waiter Oliver was the best! Super friendly and took very good care of us. He even speaks German!

Claudia Brown

Best Sushi in Eugene! We ordered rolls, sashimi and a bento box. As an appetizer we enjoyed the clams very much. Everything was so delicious!

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