Newman's Fish Company

1545 Willamette St, Eugene
(541) 344-2371

Recent Reviews

Jill B.

I have lived in Oregon almost 20 years now, Newman's is the best fish and chips hands down. Their breading isn't heavy or greasy and their coleslaw is so good! Never disappoints!

Dennis Monaghan

My husband was not a big fish fan until we started getting it at Newman's.Everyone is so helpful, friendly and efficient. Great quality for a reasonable price.

Melvin Murray

Great place to shop for fresh seafood. The staff is very kind, knowledge and always ready to assist. No pressure to buy but lots of information given to help you select the best seafood for you.

Mike Hardy

Best fish and chips you'll ever have!I usually get the scallops, but every thing they do is top notch. Enjoy!!

Roger Cox

I had the Cod and Salmon fish, my sister had the Halibut and Coconut Shrimp. We both got coleslaw instead of chips but the coleslaw was great. Also got the clam chowder. As great as everything else was, the chowder was disappointing. Tasted like there was some fish that had gone bad in it. I didn't finish it. But that said, if you want some amazing fish, this is the best I've had in a LONG time.

Janell W.

We LOVE the salmon we get from Newman's. So fresh and delicious. Highly recommend!

David Abare

First of all it smelled great inside, love the smell of fresh fish. The staff runs a tight shop, very impressed with the cleanliness. Their processing area is right in front of where you stand to order. It’s more than obvious the staff is full of knowledge. They had the order for our restaurant ready and waiting for us. Even took time out of his busy day to ask how our restaurant was doing. All in all, great place to grab some fish no matter how large an order! Happy to support such a awesome local business!

Isaac Walsleben

Their fresh fish, fish & chips, and clam chowder are my favorite in town. Don't miss out on extra stuff like their canned tuna and fish broth. Compared to Fisherman's Market, they have a much smaller selection of hot food, but the quality is more consistent. Love the clam chowder. Wished I ordered extra fish.

Anna A.

Hands down best fried fish/seafood I've ever had. It's not battered like the typical English style, it's super crunchy and just a thin coating. For being so affordable I was really shocked at how fresh it all was! The cod is delicious but the surprises winner for me was the fried salmon. Why isn't every fried fish place frying salmon??? It's amazing! It's a must try! The fried scallops were also out of this world. The batter is so light it doesn't overpower the food and you can still taste the fish. Don't forget the slaw and fries, both were fresh and delicious! Their menu is set up perfectly for the person who doesn't want to commit. For two of us we got the 3 piece cod that comes with slaw or fries, and then added on a single piece of salmon and two scallops and all of that was only $15. Fried to order. They have a small outdoor seating area as well right now. Support local and eat some amazing fried fish!

Mateo G.

Oh man, this place is soo soo soo good. I can't even exaggerate. The fish here is fantastic and the breading is so very good. I also got some chowder and was so pleased with everything. I'm far from this place but not too far, so I will definitely come back. Can't wait

Emily G

Newman’s is a great place to buy fresh, delicious fish as well as cheeses and things like seasonings and crackers, etc. The employees are very knowledgeable about their products and are always happy to answer questions. They have a great selection of white fishes, tuna, salmon, shrimp, scallops, oysters, and even lobster (seasonally). Their prices are fair and the customer service is excellent. In addition to the store, they have a window that serves tasty fish n chips. Wonderful Eugene staple!

Fred May

Newman's Fish company has been a Eugene fixture for many years. They operate one of the best seafood markets in the area. FRESH would be their main strength. In addition to fresh seafood, they have many of the seasonings to go along with your fresh seafood dish. Newman's also operates a TO-GO seafood menu. Their fried cod, salmon, and halibut fish and chips are some of the best around. A great batter and cooked to perfection. I'm not a tarter sauce person so I enjoy their tangy cocktail sauce with my fish and chips. My daughter loves the Salmon fish and chips. Newman's places the 3 fish fillets in their own little paper boat and wraps it for transport just like they package the chips...and they are great! Not much more to say other than go check Newman's out for yourself. You can also phone your order for pick-up. There may be a line waiting when you visit. The Newman's crew keeps things moving along so your wait should not be long. Enjoy!

Deborah Ettel

Consistently great quality fish -n-chips. Coleslaw is quite good- not too mayonaisie; just the right amount of vinegar and a tiny bit sweet. Been serving fresh fish for decades. Our go to spot

Bonnie Leigh

I love this place. I have gone there for fish and chips, and Thursday fish tacos since I moved to Eugene. The market has the freshest seafood, cheeses and a good wine selection. I highly recommend Newman’s Fish Company.I also like the location on Coburg, they offer grilled fish on their menu.

Brent B.

Their fresh fish, fish & chips, and clam chowder are my favorite in town. Don't miss out on extra stuff like their canned tuna and fish broth. Compared to Fisherman's Market, they have a much smaller selection of hot food, but the quality is more consistent.

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