Pho The Good Times Asian Bistro

2729 Shadowview, Eugene
(541) 357-4971

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Andrew Lucas

Pho the good times has delicious food, great quality ingredients, and good service. Highly recommend.

Jenny Tjandra

My husband and I like Pho very much. This one is good, but we were expecting a strong powerful broth. But, overall it is good,

Bert de Klerk

Seafood green curry, absolute the best I had

bruce harrow

We called in a pickup order for a friend to pick up and bring to us. Not allowed to pay for it over the phone. Asked for it to be ready at a certain time (about an hour). Decided to pick it up ourselves so our friend didn’t have to front the cash and it was ready an hour early getting cold. Good food, bad service.


Today I was disappointed and to be honest the last couple times prior as well. I love the food here its one of our favorites places to visit over the years. We are originally from out of town. So every time we make a trip. We always have to stop buy and get our favorite Pho. Food is still amazing but the service is poor. It wasn't always like this. I don't know if it's the new servers?... I love it when the owner is there. She has excellent service even when she is running that show solo! Tonight there was two server, two tables got sat after us, ordered there food, received it and the check and we still hadn't even gotten our plates or refill on water's. I look at the time and 40 minutes went by and still no check in or communicate. It took a minute to even get our order taken to begin with. But there were slightly busy so we understood. The table next to us had a server that was very attentive she did great. But ours totally left us in the dark and we felt just completely forgotten. We decided to leave not knowing how much longer its gunna be. Our server was a blonde male. Seemed like they had a great personality but unfortunately let us down. Thank you for the hour wait and Thai tea. Till next time.

Samantha Rivera

Service was extremely friendly and the food was delicious! Would definitely come again.

Susan M.

The pho is good. Other dishes mostly mediocre. Restaurant set up for take out and delivery but table service is awful.

Annalisa Perkett

If I could share zero stars for this restaurant I would. I walked in for a pickup order at the time my order was supposed to be prepared (according to the app.) The girl working said it would be just a few seconds. 20 minutes later and nobody had checked in with me meanwhile they were helping seat all the customers walking in for dine-in service.As my order was now extremely delayed, I asked the young blonde man behind the counter if he could please check on my order. His response was, "I'm off the clock. I can't help you." Then proceeded to walk away from me. This was unacceptable to say to a paying customer.Finally after a few more minutes went by, the girl came back with my order and said the name on the order and just walked away and left the food there. I looked down at the bag and saw the top box of food was OPEN so I said loud enough for her to hear me. "The box of food isn't even closed." And she just ignored me and kept walking away.From someone who has worked in local, reputable customer service jobs for many years, I was disgraced by my experience at Pho the Good Times. I will not be returning to this establishment again.

Malori G.

I use to really love this place. But now the service and food quality is very poor. Took my family out to dinner and was very disappointed. This place was one of our favorites. Not anymore

Dhann A.

we ordered the crispy roasted pork and do not! i repeat do not order this unless u like hard bitter salty burnt grilled pork then u might like it i mean the pork literally taste like burnt charcoal. its gross

Kristi B.

Never disappointed. My Grubhub delivery was even earlier than estimated. The Pho Ga is delicious. I always get extra veggies!


This is some of the best pho I've had in my experience. Especially since I ordered pickup. Broth is excellent. The meat is amazing in the broth. I don't know without asking but the rice noodles were freshly made from what I could tell. Looking forward to dining in at some point :)

Lacey M.

We have been frequenting this establishment for the past year. Over the course of the year the quality of food has dropped and the customer service is terrible. When the Vietnamese employees are working the food and experience is drastically different and more positive. Unfortunately, our food we received last night was terrible. We ordered fried pork belly Bahn mi and it was served on hoagie buns not the French bread. The pork belly was over cooked but there were pieces that were undercooked. Our phó tai was ok. The base is weaker than normal but we've noticed they are now not including basil. This is a staple item! But we were sure given tiny packets of hoisin and Siracha. Our biggest complaint and the reason we won't return is the manner in which we were treated upon pick up. The employees that were working 5/5/2021 were extremely rude and raised their voices at us when we approached the counter to pay! I get it we are in a Covid pandemic and we need to be respectful of social distancing but really?? We have to be able to pay for the food by coming close to the counter. So for this reason I would not recommend this restaurant anymore now spend our money here. There are other quality Vietnamese restaurants in Eugene. Buyer beware.

Wang C.

Was passing through from our drive from Seattle to Sac and found this place. We weren't expecting too much as the reviews weren't that great and was just tired and seriously hungry. When we got there, all the waitress were white and we saw Hispanic staff members in the back kitchen. No other Asians dining either. We figured maybe this was a city or area with a small Asian population or was owned and operated by White people. Honestly, that doesn't matter but it threw us off as we were in an Asian/Vietnamese restaurant. Anyway, we all ordered different pho's and chicken vermicelli dishes. The broths were good and passable and the grilled chicken was grilled nicely, although a bit "saucy." The price was fair but the the portions are pretty small. The regular pho was so small that even 11 year old daughter finished it and was still hungry and she's tiny! Overall, it was good. The service was quick and the staff was just okay. I will keep this place in mind if I'm ever in the area again.

Sarah L.

They forgot my noodles and they closed by the time I got my food. So I bought broth for 30.00, no soda, and sauce was very gross for spring rolls. No refund either, I won't suggest eating at this

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Pho The Good Times Asian Bistro

2729 Shadowview, Eugene, OR 97408
(541) 357-4971