Poppi's Anatolia

992 Willamette St, Eugene
(541) 343-9661

Recent Reviews

Steve P.

My partner and I came here 7:00 or 8:00 on a Friday and it was the perfect ambiance. Loved how petite and authentic it felt. We both enjoyed our meals. The night included wine, two meals, and a dessert for $41.

Keith Winnick

My date and I shared a great meal with excellent service. The atmosphere was cozy.

Cat Cat

The cuisine and the service were delightful. The each of the 3 meals was delicious. I have never been disappointed at Poppi's Anatolia.

Pete Johnson

Not ss good as it was in the past. Better Mediterranean or Greek options are available in Eugene. Nice atmosphere.

Elise M.

Appetizer plate is fantastic and super filling. Would definitely order again! Went for Greek night (Sundays) and was satisfied with the food and portion sizes. Ambiance is cozy, nice for a casual date night.

Katherine L.

Does this restaurant in an identity crisis? Maybe, but who among us isn't? I went on Thursday evening with two other people, and we had a lovely time! The staff was incredibly helpful and patient (our pronunciations were no good), and the food was delicious and generously portioned. We had the kota psiti (roasted chicken), poppadoms (lentil crisps with spicy pickled onion), and a large platter that had a variety of Indian dishes with chutney and rice. We enjoyed the atmosphere and food, and would come back again.

Colleen Goodrich

Oh my goodness, so delicious. Authentic greek/Turkish food, lots of veggie choices, so good!

Matt Burns

I'd like to just say it was good and leave it at that, but I can't. It wasn't just good, it was excellent! It was real food with that home cooked feel that most places wish they could replicate. It has a cozy, friendly atmosphere and an all around great vibe.

Savona Cook

Best Greek (and Indian) food in town! Absolutely wonderful! We are there tonight and will definitely be back VERY very SOON!

Brian Ng

Highly recommend the saganaki (fried cheese) to start out. I love the gyros!

Kris F.

For authentic Greek food I would personally stay as far away from this place as possible. Gyros/pita sandwiches are supposed to have pickled cabbage as well as at least seasoned vegetables. The beef/lamb gyros had meat that tasted like pressed together middle of the line hamburger. The chicken was I'm not kidding you canned chicken that was not cooked at all. Greek food is supposed to have flavor. I would never recommended this place to my worst enemy. This is a real review unlike all the fake 5 star ones. Albee's ny gyros is insanely better but still not up to par for Greek food

Josh Galbraith

We had Greek and Indian, and it was ???? really good! The Baklava is insanely delicious! We will be back for more! I'm hoping to find a Greek/Indian fusion dish!

Brian Ng

The "saganaki" is absolutely delicious. Love the gyro pita

Rosemary Jellema

It had fair food, dining was nice and service was excellent. The friends and family I was with enjoyed the food better than myself.

Laura Leggett

Great service. The food is unique and absolutely delicious.

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