Riva's Taco Shop

575 OR-99, Eugene
(541) 461-1183

Recent Reviews

Henry Harris

#16!! Super tasty, loads of chicken & veg. Always get carne asada as well.

chris steinmetz

Besides the flies, the food wasn't that good. Overcooked carnitas in a burrito is brutal. Try harder, and do better.

Chrispy Pfaffenrot

It’s technically edible, barely. I dunno why people seem to like this place. Terrible quality of ingredients, it’s not even that cheap price wise. Don’t bother unless you’re baked out of your gourd, and even then just about every other burrito place in town is reliably better.

jessica Love

Food was delicious so so good highly recommend for sure we got too #5 # 13 the sauce were good as well

Matt Burns

Hands down some of the best Tacos I've had. They were messy and perfect!

Jay Dearden

I went to Rivas on River Road after a church meeting. I'd say it was fair. The burrito I got was good, but it didn't quite meet my expectations.

Lori Rankin

The portion sizes are large, everything was great. Love the loaded carne asada fries! Will definitely be back.

steve puffenstuff

Love this place! I have a regular order that's a full meal, then a decent snack later! Try n see, oh yes the red sauce is tingly n tasty too!!

Bret Busch

Love the loko fries and burritos. I think I have seen infants smaller than their giant burrito offerings.

David Dodds

very disappointing! ordered thru Doordash. only 1.6 mi from delivery location but food was all COLD, poor quality & taste. will not order from here again

Reed Turner

Pretty good food all around here. Ate a taco salad my last visit that was pretty tasty.

Daniel Dawson

Big menu lots to choose from Very good Will not disappoint

Blair Conrad

This place is a great great spoon taco spot. I love going here for street tacos or rolled tacos. Always great portions and low prices. I've never gotten sick so that's a huge plus. I recommend the loco fries; they're like nachos, but with fries and bacon.

Gene Longacre

best burritos and tamales in town...

Charlene Abel

Usually love this place but am finding that this location is second to the Rivas in downtown eugene

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