The Vintage

837 Lincoln St, Eugene
(541) 349-9181

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Scott S.

Really enjoyed this restaurant. Nice ambiance, good staff and enjoyed our crepes. Also fun cocktail choices. It was packed on a weekday at 3:30 pm! very eclectic crowd, fun! Looking forward to going back and trying some fondue.

Nick Butler

The crepes here were amazing. This place also goes amazing fondue items! Super quiant and the patio put back is nice and peaceful. A+ service.

Maria L.

We were visiting Eugene for a few days and we like to try local restaurants. We ordered our food and waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, after about 45 minutes, the waitress informed us that our "ticket had been lost" so she apologized and put a rush order on our food. Then we waited. And waited. Maybe another 30 minutes went by. We did finally get our food -- and it was good food -- but the experience was no longer enjoyable because now our blood sugar had tanked and we were worried about our car parked in a two-hour zone. So we ate fast and left. They took $10 off our order, but if I were the manager I would have comped the entire meal and offered dessert for free as well. To be fair, the staff were friendly and apologetic. The restaurant was adorable. The music was pleasant and appropriate. The food was good. But the wait was much too long.

Janelle Simmons-Funk

Fantastic! Stupendous! Outstanding food, great service, jazzy environment, and again with the FOOD!!!! I ordered like a lumberjack, made faces and noises about every bite, and just plain enjoyed every second of the whole experience. I am feeling VERY stoked about my 3 to-go containers, stacked lovingly in my fridge for tomorrow! Or at 3 a.m. after I wake from the fabulous fondue fever dream I will be having...


Top-notch service and great fondue & crepe selection ? ? ? ?

Amber Stutzman

Wow! The French cuisine, atmosphere and attention to subtle flavors is exquisite. What I love- the savory and sweet crepes that could be made gluten-free!!! Great crafted mocktails and unique fondues! Can't wait to get back.


I had the west coast crepe with breakfast potatoes and it was phenomenal. Outstanding crispy potatoes! And the crepe was cooked perfectly, all the ingredients obviously fresh. It was absolutely delicious. The staff was wonderful, courteous and personable. I can’t wait to go again and try something else!

Bryan Tift

Great and cute little breakfast place. Waitress was super friendly and loved the vibe of the place. There was a bit of a long wait, as with a lot of breakfast places, but worth it.

LaDonna A.

We found this adorable little spot for brunch. The classy crepes were amazing with the house vanilla custard & raspberry jam on top to cut the sweetness. I highly recommend them! They serve Field Roasters coffee which is a local roaster & is delicious!! They also had $5 mimosas of every flavor imaginable on Saturday. Downside: It was a long wait for our table. It was a long wait before someone took our drink order. And it was a long wait for our food. If you'd like to try it out, block off a couple of hours & pack your patience.

Kim DiZoglio-Walker

wonderful friendly atmosphere with a creative, unique and delicious menu.

Stephanie Siemens

Absolutely disgusting.I will never return here and you should save your money. I was served ROTTEN chicken. It tasted like fish and it was absolutely disgusting. Then I check my bank account and even though I still tipped the waitress after this horrible experience, she took herself an ADDITIONAL UNAUTHORIZED 10% in tips out. This is absolutely unbelievable.

Daniel Gerland

We were a group of three and sat outside. The ambience was calm and quiet. The tables were a touch close together, but the sound level was fine. Excellent food and gluten-free options. I would love to visit again!

Bronwyn Watson

I love the Vintage. I had a coffee and their Benedict crepe with veggie sausage. The food is always delicious, their servers are friendly and attentive, and the coffee is good too. My meal this time was just a little cold but they were busy and it still tasted wonderful despite not being super hot. I've eaten here many times and I'm never disappointed.

Alexis Bacon-Yates

So cute! Love their lemon plates and lemon crepes!

Jillian Jo

Great service! Fun food items on menu!

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