Toxic Wings & Fries

943 River Rd, Eugene
(541) 689-9464

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Lakeshia Murphy

5 stars for Toxic

Jocey B.

Food was great and quick but the ants have taken over the outside seating area.. Wasn't a great dining experience.

Sandra H.

Huge portions. And not just wings. I had the sliders. Fries were great. Wings are huge !!! Stopped on our trip back home. Nice to get something new.

Kyndra B.

Love everything they serve. All of their sauces are amazing. The chicken is juicy and tender every time. This is a go to for lunch for us.

Jake B

Toxic is actually between 3 to 4 and a half stars, biggest problem is inconsistencies. On their game the wings are great, other times, not crispy skin, or too much/not enough sauce. The burgers and sliders are always good, patties are thin, but I like that. Nice local spot, definitely better than a certain chain that does similar food, but wish they were more consistent.

Candiace A.

Overall, the food is okay. This place is close and hits the spot when I absolutely don't want to cook. However, I would like to request to PLEASE fix the veggie hemp patty. The flavor isn't bad but they are SO mushy and just fall apart. Just a few tips... they definitely need some sort of binder. If you're keeping if vegan, might I suggest some corn starch? That is what I use to bind my veggie patties. Also, searing the patties first and then baking them prevents a lot of mushiness. Lastly, I think for additional texture, adding some cooked whole grains (brown rice, bulgar, farro, wheat berries, etc) would go nicely. Thank you for hearing my suggestions and hopefully I can order a new and improved version of your veggie burger in the future.

Taylor THE

Flavorful and satisfying. Friendly staff

Ethan Mapes

These are the best wings in town or anywhere. Every item on the menu is the best version of itself.

Connie Lembke

Fish and chips ?, very good ??!

Sherry S.

My fries were toxic because they were burnt to a crisp. Inedible. Got gluten free bun, my fault. Yucky.Not near me so I wouldn't go back. They put mustard on your burger. Yucky. Not my go to spot for burgers and fries. Prefer 5 Guys.

Kristal Frazier

Had the halibut fish and chips. It was excellent, cooked perfectly, delicious panko coating. The tartar sauce was one of the best!


Awesome burger on a fresh-made bun. Their dipping sauces are so tasty, I order “garlic/Parmesan with a side of fries.” Way better than any chain.

Heaven M.

I love toxic and I've really only ever had their burger and wings but my last order was the BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich and holy crap it was one of the best I've ever had! The pineapple slaw on it was amazing and I definitely will be ordering again. Thank you!

Jeffrey Bowling

I love thier food! If haven't tried toxic you need to!

Ben P.

They keep us coming back for more. Their boneless wings have more meat on them than any wings in town that I've experienced. My favorite dipping sauce is their raspberry habanero. Their burgers and brew are perfect and well priced as well. The staff on 11th is quite cute, as well ;)

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