Bangkok Thai Bistro

1130 Royvonne Ave SE # 105, Salem
(503) 339-7383

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Michael Adolf

Super great food. Choo Cee Duck was amazing. Flavorful with some spice and great veggies. My coworker really liked his curry.The bathrooms smelled musty and floor was sticky. Not a deal breaker because the food was so good, but noteworthy.

Stu H.

Crispy garlic chicken drown in really SALTY Sauce. OK 'poop' happens but you would think the cook or owner would taste the sauces. Thai basil was good BUT the beef was like shoe leather. Cut with the grain instead of against should have been pounded to soften it up. Give it one more try next time and try the drunken noodles and curry.

Nicole L.

TL;DR: We finally found our new go to Thai place!

We have been trying to find a good, consistent Thai place in Salem for awhile now. This is our fourth try and we finally found it!

We got two orders of chicken friend rice, drunken noodles, and pot stickers. The pot stickers were by far my favorite thing- they were so stuffed! Perfectly fried, not too greasy, and the filling was so good!

I love Thai fried rice and this finally hit that craving spot. I wish the chicken has bit a tad less dry and maybe cut into smaller pieces, but still yummy! The rice was fluffy and had the right flavors.

While I didn't have any, the drunken noodles got inhaled so I am going to assume they were good too!

It was a little pricey (we used GrubHub and after tips + fees it was upper $50.) But we want to support local so it was worth it to us.

Certainly going to return and soon!

Jacob Duffy

Delicious, big portions! Best Thai food I’ve had in a long long time!! Love it


this was delicious . I got the garlic chicken , my brother got the crispy garlic and that was amazing . I would definitely get again .

Heather O.

We are in the process of moving back to Salem during an ice storm on Valentine's Day. We ordered several dishes - pad Thai, garlic lovers shrimp and drunken noodles and lastly the duck red curry. There's several inconsistencies in how the food is prepared. The drunken noodles were ok, but had NO heat at all- which the dish is supposed to be spicy. The pad Thai was sweet but very dry. And the garlic prawns were ok, but had no sauce.
But it's the duck red curry that was the absolute show stopper that changed everyone's opinion! It was so delicious! It was however missing ingredients- like the peas and bell peppers. But the pineapple and tomatoes made up for it. It was so good we ordered more tonight one per person so we didn't have to share.
This time it was different. Lots of bell peppers and an additional ingredient of carrots, the peas were included. But the tomatoes were missing along with the curry flavor. So it was sweet and somewhat spicy, and good, but it's truly missing something. It was good but not as delicious. Beware of the inconsistencies.

Erica W.

Support this local restaurant!! We need them to stay open! My husband and I ordered pick up from here for the first time today. The order was ready in just under 10 minutes! So fast! We got it home and shortly after, discovered our new number one Thai spot in the whole area! It's so good. I got the yellow curry with chicken and veggies, medium spice. Easily the best curry I've had in years. The medium spice is a perfect 3 out of 5 on the spicy scale. Also, portions are enormous, which is what we wanted! Husband got the pad Thai with chicken, extra spicy. He's obsessed. We also got the spring rolls and have enough food for two days. So excited to go back! Thank you Bangkok Bistro!

Timothy Cunningham

Very good and fast.. I'll eat here again

Colleen L.

I ordered based on the reviews and honestly the photos. Well they did not disappoint! I ordered the drunken noodle as is my usual choice when ordering Thai. It was delicious and I highly recommend ordering from here.

Otto Lopez

Coming from California where food taste so good it's been really hard finding really good food here in Oregon so great job to Bangkok Thai Bistro your food taste amazing.

Carla Kay

it is hard to get dresding right for a green papaya salad. an easy fix with fresh lime. otherwise, yummm.

Joshua Sugarman

Wow. This is the best Thai food I’ve had in a long time. Perfect flavor and spice. Taste super fresh and quality for sure. I’m so happy ordered from here!! I’ll be ordering more in the future! Yellow curry with chicken and potstickers is what I had. Delicious!

Paul k

I usually give this place a great rating. The only reason why tonight is not 5 stars is because I've been on the pot all night after eating (and I have a gut of steel) and the food wasn't spicy enough even though I picked the hot option and my wife got sticky rice with hair in it. Pretty disappointed.You can do better Bangkok Thai Bistro. We love you but tonight was not your best night.. by a long shot.

Willow Snow

The dish Spicy Basil was the bomb!! I will definitely eat there again....

Melissa Womack

Wow. I called to find out about their menu and was told they were too busy to answer my questions. So they lost my business. I guess I will try somewhere else!

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