Broadway Coffeehouse

1300 Broadway St NE #100, Salem
(503) 990-8139

Recent Reviews

Angela P.

Even when it's busy, there is a peace that rests here. Comfortable place to have a meeting, study or do whatever here. Also, every drink I've had here has been great, at least. I appreciate the Broadway Coffeehouse

Elizabeth P.

I used to love this place. I hadn't been here in two years and was excited to come back. Unfortunately, they have become lazy and entitled with the service. They refused to heat up my cold, sitting out croissant, and when I asked why they couldn't, they didn't give me a real answer. Their answer was "we just don't do that here", when my Salem native friend said that they definitely do heat up their food. If they're microwave was broken, say that. If the microwave was removed or whatever, say that. Don't give me a fake reason why you don't want to take the time to heat up my room temperature, sitting out in the open-air-all-day food. Also, I understand that these are COVID times, but they are picking and choosing who and when to enforce that mask rule. I didn't put mine on because almost every single person in this packed building wasn't wearing one, and even a person waiting on their drinks weren't wearing one either. But when I came up to order, then I had to put one on. So COVID only gets you when you're ordering? But waiting for your food or even sitting down it doesn't get you? Such BS. It's political theatre at this point. Disappointed with the obvious decline in quality since my last visit.

Becca G.

The chai tea latte was VERY weak. I wouldn't order this ever. This is the worst chai latte I've ever had! Don't order this if yours expecting something like Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf or Starbucks. This is NOTHING like those! Horrible!

Juan Ruiz

Nice place to relax and always delicious pour overs.

Aidan Walter

A great place to meet with people or just relax, can get busy in evenings though. Great coffee and customer service! Very satisfyed with the experience.

Bethany Davis

Nice place. Coffee and pastry were both great. Good service.

Andrea Caudell

Loved the ambiance and coffee!Would love to seeMore kid friendly drink options though….

Caitlin Christian

Great coffee, they do latte art on their drinks. Pastries are tasty, they are brought in from Donut Hook. The space is open and inviting, going to be my new local coffee shop!

Venkata C.

Everything is great! Except internet speeds. 3.9 mbps upload, 3.3 mbps download. Great seating. Lots of space and power ports, ample parking. Lots of sunlight.

Intentional Travelers

One of our favorite coffee shops and hang out places. Just love the open feel of the space, with indoor and outdoor seating.We love to work from here or meet up with friends (in non-pandemic times). Saw they started doing horchata on the website, gave it a try, and it was great! Exceptional attention to coffee in general. The pastries are also fantastic.P.S. For more of our favorite places in the area, do a web search for "Intentional Travelers Willamette" to find the Willamette Valley hidden gems list on our blog!

Jake and Kate Klindtworth

Lots of 1 stars here for customers not masking or distancing while having a social coffee... rate based on quality and atmosphere, not personal politics! If social safety is your primary concern why are you going in to get a coffee anyway? This is a restaurant! I'll give 5 start because this place has amazing quality, service and atmosphere.

Susanna L.

Broadway has THE best coffee in Salem. Believe, me, I've tried them all and I'm very picky. I regularly drive about 7 miles to get my latte here because it's that good. The staff are mostly very friendly and the space is bright and airy with lots of options both inside and out for sitting.My one bugbear is that they insist on using plastic knives with toasted bagels. It's virtually impossible to spread ice cold butter with a plastic knife and when I asked for a real one I was told (I may be paraphrasing) that the risks were too great. When I questioned this the very nice woman I was talking to behind the counter explained that sometimes people walk off with them. She also intimated that they might be used for weapons.I had no idea I've been risking my safety in such a way when eating at all of the good restaurants I've ever visited who regularly serve food with metal cutlery! I've even been to other coffee shops - some of them in quite dodgy neighbourhoods - who serve food that might require cutting with a real knife. I had no idea the risk I was taking!All joking aside, apart from anything else, single use plastic really ought to be a thing of the past by now. Please guys, update your customer-unfriendly policy on this one small thing.


Perfect place to relax, work and rest. This place is too good for Salem. Thanks for being here.

Paula Linte L.

Multiple people who were not eating or drinking were not wearing masks inside the coffee shop as they including the person working at the information desk. The coffee shop is cold, overpriced, and the rose vanilla iced latte did not taste like the description at was basically cold milk.

Joyce Miller

Comfortable and convenient seating. Staff is professional and the quality of the beverages and food is top drawer!! Great place to have business meetings or be solitary.

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