Carl's Jr.

555 Edgewater St NW Ste 150, Salem
(503) 689-1176

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Joseph Crowe

Horrible customer service, manager swears at customers and gets in their faces. Avoid this location!

Kathy Soderstrom

As I've posted at the other Carl's Jr we eat at we like the food they offer, especially their breakfast burritos, and this store was no different.We ordered four burgers, three of which were special orders, two fries and drinks. Went through the drive thru fairly quickly, got our meals, and quickly got back on Hwy 22W.Luckily I started pulling out french fries for my husband to munch on as he drove. Since once they were gone from the bag it was easy to see that we only had three burgers. Two of the burgers were mine and they had not removed their special sauce and added mustard like I'd requested. The missing and remaining one were my husband's and I "blew up", because every time we've been to a Carl's Jr they don't get our order right. We were just past the old Eola Inn and I had my husband turn around and take us back to West Salem's Carl's Jr. I'd had it with incorrect orders and bad posts that no one responded to.Upon arrival back at Carl's Jr I took our meal back in along with the receipt showing what we should have gotten and what changes should have been made to our meals. I asked to speak to the shift supervisor and James came over to speak to me. I showed him one of my most recent posts regarding the service that I had received at Monmouth and told him I was extremely upset by having the same service from them. He immediately apologized and told me that he would replace my entire order and correct their error. At which point I calmed down some and told him I would greatly appreciate that. I wasn't so much mad at him as I was the fact that Carl's Jr couldn't seem to get my meals correct. While James was overseeing the redoing of our order the young man who had not gotten my husband's sandwich into the bag came over and ask what had happened. I explained the entire story to him and he apologized about my husband's sandwich not going to put in and said it was his fault. I thanked him for that, told him we appreciated his honesty, we understood that accidents happened from time to time and we didn't blame him for the situation. But, as I had mentioned to James, we were just tired of the constantly repeated errors that we were experiencing from Carl's Jr.I guess I spoke a bit prematurely though because at the car my husband asked if I'd checked everything. I said I was sure there was no reason to, but I did count the burgers to make sure they were all there. Unfortunately that hadn't been good enough though as when we got done with chores and went to eat our burgers one of mine still had their special sauce on it and no mustard. I don't eat mayonnaise so I cleaned off the burger the best I could, got rid of all of the lettuce, which I do like, put mustard on it and ate it. It really ruins my meals when I have to waste my time going back to a drive thru to correct errors and/or fix someone else's errors myself. That combined with the anticipation of eating a certain meal and then it's ruined because it doesn't taste the way it should. At times it turns me so off my food I don't even eat it. These drive thru folks don't seem to understand they need to provide quality service or maybe their bosses need to focus on accuracy rather than speed.

satdesha jones

First let me say that the opening of Carl'sJr. in West Salem was a good send. Secondly as long as this restaurant has been open. The service has been and is always exceptional, courteous, and quaint. Food is always on point, and the employees are knowledgeable, and patient. I never feel rushed when I pull up to the drive thru and begin taking orders over the phone. Which I know can be irritating at times when a customer does this. I really appreciate the employees professionalism. Food is always prompt, and delectable. 5STARS to all of you at west salem Carl's Jr.

Tabitha Richards

Great service, order was perfect, employees were respectful and thoughtful.

Maria A Flores

Great and friendly service from the girl who helped me. Food was fresh.

Brian Graves

I believe it is the manager who always ends up serving me early in the morning and she is always very helpful and friendly.

joe wedel

Worst customer service experience ever rude and disrespectful we as a family will never return.

Adrian Ramos

Great central location with plenty of parking. Staff is always friendly and helpful. Still not able to dine in but can order to go.

Erin Lockwood

Great food... Very nice and professional employees.

Jason M.

Had an awful experience today at this location and it isn't the first time so I wanna leave this review. This AM I felt like taking a friend for a burrito and so we went through the drive through and whoever the blonde girl was that took our order and served is was in the mood to argue with someone. I ordered two loaded burrito combos, one with OJ and one with iced vanilla coffee- the combo includes the burrito, a drink and hash browns. The receipt had both meals, one being over $9 due to the up charge for the OJ and the other at regular price. The coffee, a vanilla shake and another $.60 cent charge for the OJ. I wasn't understanding the way she rang things up aside from the obvious milkshake I didn't order and when I asked her to explain, she got defensive and said "I did everything you asked", but didn't explain. I told her I was not going to argue with her and persisted to try to understand the receipt before I paid. I was growing frustrated and she was quick and snippy from that point on. My friend helped me understand the receipt while the girl got my order ready and we pointed out the milkshake- so she went to refund the shake and I voiced concern about the coffee being charged full price when she told me previously it could be put in as the drink for a meal (i expected an up charge but not the full price). I was not given another drink that came with the combo- just my coffee. When I brought up the charge, the girl proceeded to say "the drinks are very expensive". I was really just in shock at this point that she couldn't explain the receipt to me and that was her answer. Towards the end of all of this, she was getting my $2.30 for the shake refund and took the responsibility for that- it was shocking... her explanation was that their registers freeze up and add items in and she didn't catch it. It seemed a little weird but ok... I accepted it. Las thing she said that was very unprofessional and made me mad was "why don't I just refund the whole order and give you your food for free since we're all stressed out here". I was not impressed. She still couldn't explain the receipt and was so stressed herself that she was going to just give me food and pay me to leave. I didn't allow her to, Of course. I just paid the bill- and she refunded me $4.30? Instead of $2.30 for the milkshake. I guess since I didn't get a drink with the meal I paid for this was fair, but still didn't make any sense. Train your employees better- and don't put stressed out, argumentative people on the window!

brandi mcmahan

Always great customer service! 7 out of 10 times of dinning here good was great... The couple times our order was bad they without pause replaced our food. Thanks keep up the great service... we appreciate it!

Anna Brost

The food here can be a little to greasy where the hamburger is just a pile of slosh. Othertimes the food is in good condition and the sizing served is great. I personally enjoy a California classic with bacon.

Murphy Cat

One of my favorite fast food reasturants. They are reasonably priced and a very large menu. I eat here all the time.

Frances Heineck

Good food, reasonable prices, senior discount (15%). Zucchini was good

MadMan Monty

Fast, friendly, and and my order is always correct! What more could you ask for. If you like fast food and you live in west, it's a no brainer!

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