China Gourmet

1405 Broadway St NE, Salem
(503) 371-9449

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Heather J.

Wow! Fresh, light Chinese food. I would not consider myself much of a Chinese food fan as where Ive had it before, its been overly oiled and, well, not that great. This I will be coming back for. My little kids even loved it, including the vegetables! I do recommend giving this place a try.

Nancy Rayburn

This was the best Chinese cuisine I’ve had in my 75 years! Everything was fresh, not deep fried, not salty, no msg, and veggies were not mushy. Shrimp were sautéed perfectly, not rubbery. I will definitely return! Service was excellent!

Kathy Rowell

very disappointed in this place. The quality of the ingredients is low, the food tastes terrible. Both dishes we ordered were really bad. Not sure how the rankings are so high. Wish we had gone to La Vida Catrina across the street insted. That restaurant uses high quality ingredients and food is totally delicious.

Lori T.

China Gourmet is a very small restaurant. I've been here a handful of times. Each time I've received great service and great food. The food always comes out fast and piping hot. Ample portions. I definitely will continue patronizing this restaurant.

Andrew S.

My food came out within minutes after ordering. Food was so damn hot it burnt my mouth pretty bad. When food is pipping hot like that, it usually means it was microwaved. But microwaved Chinese food? I surely do hope it was just on the wok a little too long. This place still gets a low score because the taste was bland. No seasoning, no flavor, and the beef was really fatty. Could barely chew it from all the gristle. The only reason I give this place two stars and not one is due to the friendly service. The lady was really sweet.


Jade and Bingo will hook you up! This is one of our favorite spots in Salem. The food is hot and delicious, and their house-made chili oil/paste should really be sold commercially. We tried the Singapore Rice Noodles last time and will definitely be getting those again. Cheers.

Jordan Reed

I'll preface this review by saying that I've worked in kitchens for almost 15 years. So I have a fairly decent idea of what I'm talking about.We ordered -Pot stickersThe Happy Family ComboBeef and BroccoliSweet and Sour ShrimpAnd Pork Fried Rice.The food was as bland as anything I've ever tasted. The potstickers tasted like nothing. No seasoning, no spice, literally just protein wrapped in gluten.All of the sauces were water thin and flavorless. There was a lake of sauce in the bottom of our to go containers but none of it stuck the the food when you scooped it out.Some of the veggies were very well cooked, and others were very raw.The pork fried rice was just white rice with stuff mixed jnto it. You can tell because the rice has no color on it, which would indicate that it was cooked together in the pan with the other ingredients. Instead it's just plain white rice with bits of pork and egg mixed in.The broccoli tasted like it was cooked on a very dirty flattop. You know the flavor, that musty old Grease flavor that comes from splashing water on a grill to steam cook veggies, when the grill is covered in old food grease.I ate a few bites and gave up. I've had better Chinese food at Safeway for 1/2 the price.Being a chef, I don't usually complain about food because I know everyone has bad days in the kitchen, but this was by far one of the worst meals I've eaten this year.I will say on a positive note though. The portions were huge, and the food was hot. However we will not be going back.

Michele F.

The food here is hot (temperature) and delicious! I had the Gourmet Curry noodles and extra veggies were added when I asked. The spicy level was just right. Service was great, too. I highly recommend and will visit again.

Jennifer S.

Trust the reviews! While this restaurant flaunts an unassuming exterior, it only takes a passing through the doors to see that they take pride in ownership. I'm still getting to know the area and Chinese takeout was on my mind. It's challenging to find that perfect spot to fill the void of your hometown restaurant that got your order perfect and delivered. The menu was vague and a little confusing, so I made a call to find out what their idea of Singapore Rice noodles (N8) was. It sounded similar to what I ordered at home (Singapore Chow Mei Fun) only you had one choice of meat instead of shrimp, pork & chicken combined. I also had to ask about the All Veggies Chicken (C8), which was the closest to Moo Goo Gai Pan that I could see (it was). I didn't want to make the same mistake I did before and assume, because it came in brown sauce from another restaurant and my daughter wouldn't eat it. Once I got clarification on the menu items, I placed my order for pick up within 15 minutes. Minus a star for lack of details on the menu. The dining room was charming and beautifully decorated, and I was greeted upon entering. While the service was top notch, the food was amazing! Next time I'll make a point of coming in for a sit down meal.

Laurie C.

Delish food, very fresh and well prepared. My hubby had the sweet and sour shrimp, said it is the first time outside of a restaurant in China town that he has had shrimp that were not breaded, and perfectly prepared. I had bbq pork crunchy noodles, also delicious. Highly recommend and we WILL be going back!

Andreita G.

I have no idea how this place has almost 5 stars. The food was bland, the rice was like they had scooped steamed rice and then just tossed in some eggs and veggies. All of the veggies in our dishes were raw, not even a bit sauted. All of the dishes we ordered seemed as though nothing was cooked together as though they added the protein, sauce,, and veggies at the last moment and threw it on the plate. The tea tasted like dirty dish water,absolutely no flavor, despite adding sugar it was like drinking warm water with sugar. All 4 of us were very disappointed with all of out food.

Elvis R.

Been coming here for about 2 years. Always fast, hot and not expensive. They're very consistent with wait time usually 10 min. Also good always taste the same. Amazing.

Carol Davidson

Absolutely delicious! Seriously go here and try their food! We went on a Friday night and pretty much had the place to ourselves. Super friendly staff and great service.

Ed O'Neil

My friends and I had really really good Chinese food here. We dined in and it was wonderful. The place is small and cozy decorated beautifully. The server was pleasant, friendly, and helpful. Okay, now, the part you really care about ... The food. The menu has lots to choose from. We chose a mix of dishes including beef, chicken, and pork, along with white and fried rice, plus egg rolls. The meats were tender and flavorful and the vegitables we're garden fresh. I noticed here that the food is not too salty as you find in many Chinese restaurants. They have real flavor from the ingredients without having to over salt and sauce. My only regret is that once the food came I forgot all about taking pictures for you. You'll have to wait for me to go back, or just go yourself. You won't be disappointed.

Kathy Smith

The Mushroom Shrimp dinner with zucchini, carrots, mushrooms and fried rice. Veggies were fresh and tender, sauce was delicious! Too much for one meal.....I love leftovers!

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