Chipotle Mexican Grill

890 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem
(503) 428-5200

Recent Reviews

David D.

After having to wait for a 20 item order the customer gave them 15 mins to compete they sincerely apologised and gave us half off or order. The staff was great!!!

Ashley Moores

Everytime I go into this location they are always kind! They are also very quick considering how busy it gets here! The food quality is always great..would recommend!

Nick C.

The only chipotle where you wait in line for 40 minutes while they make online orders in front of you. I get this can happen on occasion, but really, every time for the last 5 visits... maybe a better system?

Matthew Ferris

The food was not good. The chicken and steak in my bowl were 80% fatty gristle. This was my second time eating there, and the first in a few years as the 1st trip wasn't good either. I won't be back.

Tanya Hart

Normally I love Chipotle but this day something was just off with our food and the no change back policy when using cash is ridiculous when they can use.the tip money to make change for their tips but make someone leave without their food or forfeit their change.

Matt D.

After waiting 10 minutes for a cashier as no one else was trained, a spunky lady came in as the cashiermumbling behind her mask, asking questions we couldnt hear her, when I told her we couldnt hear you, she freaked out and said, I Cant handle this, these guys! and ran back in the backrooom, so again no cashier, for another 5-10 munutes till they pulled a cook. thanks for making me late for work on my lunch break.

Zcb Bender

Make your own kind what you like to eat good burrito

Kathy Wilson

Great food, good quality and quanity. Fresh, decent pricing for all you get. Love Customization of options. Online is easy for orders and ways to save it for favorite choices.

Craig Ott

Great Food. But, some beans were hard. Im thinking, put new container, on the old Container. But has only happened once, out of two times. I guessing 50/50 chance.

Dia Gee

My husband has a health condition and they told us we had to have a mask. I pulled down my mask to speak and she jumped down my throat. I work in food service and if you have a mask, you can still eat in an establishment. They also do not provide masks. I will never eat here again.

Ysabella R.

Made an online order to be picked up by 4:30 had to wait 20 minutes after. We looked at other online order's and there pick up time was 4:45 and already ready at 4:30. It was not busy at all. Horrible customer service, store presentation wasn't good. Floor was extremely dirty same with the tables (only a few available anyways). Would not recommend coming to this Chipotle.

Will Morriss

This is the 3rd time I ordered a salad and got it w/o dressing from this location. We called the manager and she said, "well yeah that happens". Could not care any less. Like, What? Who wants a salad w/o dressing? I wouldnt order from this place ever given the previous experiences ive had but since covid 19 the delivery service i use selects this location. Before covid i'd drive 15-20 minutes to not deal with the poor quality of service and food at this location.

Adrian Ramos

Clean and friendly atmosphere. Great food as always.

Camy Pickworth

Honestly, the worst Chipotle we've ever been to. Order is always wrong, cold, or tastes bad. Management and staff are rude, uncaring, and unconcerned with customer experience. We eat at Chipotle quite a bit, but drive 20 minutes to avoid this location, I would too if I was you.

Artem Zaichenko

Came in today saw bunch of people sitting at a tables without masks so didn't take my mask with me. There was guy in front of me ordering food without mask. I didn't see anybody else with masks on. This grumpy, miserable man behind counter asks me where my mask is and gestured me to leave. That's horrible experience will never come back after being singled out like that.

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