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shirley tillman

About a week ago we ordered an ice cream cake for our daughters graduation from high school. We were asked by the employee what day and time did we want it ready. We tried to pay for it but was told we will pay when we pick it up. Graduation day we show up and no cake, they never send in the order? thanks for making my daughter feel special on this day. The manager was suppose to call to help fix this problem, and again they failed and we have not received a call. Too bad we can do minus stars.

Misty Blythe

Ordered a cake for my daughter's birthday the day of pick up I was old the cake was not ready and the designer could not make it! I was told the designer called me so I checked my call list no voice-mail but a missed call at 4:07 pm the night before pick up. Not enough time to reorder with someone else! The associate says this happens all the time!! DO NOT ORDER A CAKE FROM THIS DAIRY QUEEN!!!

Mando Guevara

My friend and I had pulled into the drive through around 9:45pm, just after seeing another car exit, and once we were in front of the menu to order I seen a few employees looking at us through the drive through window. It was odd, because somebody has yet to take our order from us and there was still 15 minutes until they close. Once it became apparent that nobody would take our order, we drove across the street to McDonald's instead. While in their drive through line we seen a few other cars pull into DQ just to leave empty handed as we did. I dont know what kind of policy's are in order for employees when it applies to early closures, but as we seen cars driving in and out of the drive through from across the street, we watched a few DQ workers horsing around with some people in a car that had pulled into the front parking lot, completely ignoring the cars that were being neglected at the drive through. This is clearly not a critique on the quality of food, rather, a concern for the establishments business as it applies to the service provided by their employees. If you guys close at an earlier time than 10pm Thursday, then change your store hours on the paper posted at the store and online. If not, I think there should at least be some sort of transparency with the customers if something were to warrant an early closure by the employees judgment, because you guys lost 4 customers in 5 minutes tonight.

luke murdock

Horrible. I asked for two cheese burgers no pickles and a large sprite. I get to the window and they give me my bag no sprite. So I ask for my sprite and notice that I had one burger and fries. None of it was warm and I had to buy my “second” double cheese burger. Got a single and a double and had to buy fries I didn’t want. Also I got a small sprite. My food was cold when I got it.

Marcy Moore

I would give you a zero if I could. We waited in the drive thru line for 30 minutes and hadn't even gotten to the speaker to order. We got outta there as soon as we got around that dang curb. I usually don't cone to DQ for this exact reason, but I was passing by and thought ya know, it'll be okay. Nope!I understand it takes awhile to make the hot food, but one of your employees should have come outside to tell people what was going on, instead of all three of them standing at the window doing nothing. This is unacceptable customer service. I don't want a reply like you're giving everyone else, don't even bother unless you are going to compensate me.

Chynna White

Absolutely the worst fast food I’ve ever had! Not only did they forget to put everything on all of our sandwiches but the fries were so stale. There was no one else in the drive thru and this was a very simple order. I won’t ever go back here.

Elizabeth Kathren Anglea

They have horrible service and refuse to fix the speaker so its hard to hear them talking to you. Sometime your waiting for 5 mins before they even say anything also they do not flip the blizzards upside down and when I mentioned that they have the sign that says if we don't flip your blizzard the next ones free they laughed and shut the window. I hate that place and won't go there anymore.


I am not one to usually complain but getting really old and still fries is ridiculous. And the blizzard that I got they didn't even turn upside down and it was super liquidity. Definitely won't be returning to this Dairy Queen ever again water disgrace I work in fast food and get the staff shortages and everything but this is flat out ridiculous.

Taylor Cole

Came through the drive thru for a chicken strip basket, it came out burnt same with fries. Came inside to get a fresh order they stated it was the oil and they apologized. Made it again and this time fries and chicken weren’t burnt and black. I tried a fry anyway, it tasted like chemicals. At this point I asked for my money back as every customer from the drive thru was now walking in with similar complaints.Please, get it together. This is unacceptable. This is the third time this has happened to me idk why I keep trying.

Paula McNeeley

You can't go wrong with Dairy Queen ice cream deserts. And they are very good at getting my custom orders correct. Please remember the staff at fast food places deserve a tip too when they give great service.

Chantel Jackson

Ordered a 4 pc. Chicken basket. Tenders were so burnt couldn’t even bite into it. Fries weren’t cooked all the way either.

Laurie Blair

Worst Customer Service Ever !!!!I ordered through the mobile app. When I arrived, they were unable to make my order because of supply issues. I asked them to cancel the order. They said they couldn't do that, I had to do it. The mobile app says to call the restaurant and they will do it. I called again and spoke with a manager. She was so completely unhelpful. I asked for who I could talk to for help. She refused to provide any solutions.She has no boss, there are no other managers, there is no customer service number to call. She did offer to put my name on a post it so they could give me my order for "free" another day. I paid for an order I didn't get; that isn't free. I ended the call so completely frustrated with her. If she is the one and only owner, shouldn't she know how to help customers resolve issues?Again - WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER !!!!

Dirk Schmidhofer

Ok, it's a dairy queen, with the usual dairy queen fare. What I liked was the attitude of the kids behind the counter; they seemed to be enjoying themselves and having fun, which reflects well in the culture being cultivated by the proprietor.

Alexei L

I understand staff shortages but if my team of 3 can run a fast food restaurant and keep times under 4 minutes then the 8 people that I saw there shouldn’t let me sit for 10 minutes at the speaker. Not only that but I was getting my last meal before a surgery here and I needed something specific and they gave me the wrong thing so I couldn’t even eat it

Razzle Dazzle

I get covid has ruined a lot of businesses and it's hard to find workers.. There comes to a point where you as an owner or manager take action and you show how it's done. It has been years since this Dairy Queen has produced quality food and customer service either it's time for a change or sell it to someone that will actually make a change. And no I do not want a copy and pasted reply saying to give you another chance.

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