Dairy Queen

4023 Commercial St SE, Salem
(503) 581-4598

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Paula McNeeley

You can't go wrong with Dairy Queen ice cream deserts. And they are very good at getting my custom orders correct. Please remember the staff at fast food places deserve a tip too when they give great service.

Laurie Blair

Worst Customer Service Ever !!!!I ordered through the mobile app. When I arrived, they were unable to make my order because of supply issues. I asked them to cancel the order. They said they couldn't do that, I had to do it. The mobile app says to call the restaurant and they will do it. I called again and spoke with a manager. She was so completely unhelpful. I asked for who I could talk to for help. She refused to provide any solutions.She has no boss, there are no other managers, there is no customer service number to call. She did offer to put my name on a post it so they could give me my order for "free" another day. I paid for an order I didn't get; that isn't free. I ended the call so completely frustrated with her. If she is the one and only owner, shouldn't she know how to help customers resolve issues?Again - WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER !!!!

Dirk Schmidhofer

Ok, it's a dairy queen, with the usual dairy queen fare. What I liked was the attitude of the kids behind the counter; they seemed to be enjoying themselves and having fun, which reflects well in the culture being cultivated by the proprietor.

Laurie B.

Worst Customer Service ever !!!! I ordered through the mobile app and when I went to pick up the order, they had a sign up that said because of supply issues they weren't able to prepare anything. I asked to cancel my order. The first person I spoke to said I had to do it. The mobile app says the store has to do it. Then I spoke to the manager and wow, I can't believe how utterly unhelpful she was. I asked her to cancel my order. She said the grill works now. I said no, after wasting most of my lunch break with this, I just want to cancel the order. She said she couldn't do it. I asked for other resources - is there a boss above her? a corporate office? a customer service number? she said no to all of this. I asked if she had a boss, she said no, she was the boss. I asked her why she was inable to help me? She said she could put my name on a post it and I could come get my order for free (I paid for it through the mobile app - so what?) at some later date. I read her the instructions on the mobile app. She said I had to talk to the provider - that was her. She was so completely unable to resolve a simple issue. Let me repeat myself - WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER !!!!

Alexei L

I understand staff shortages but if my team of 3 can run a fast food restaurant and keep times under 4 minutes then the 8 people that I saw there shouldn’t let me sit for 10 minutes at the speaker. Not only that but I was getting my last meal before a surgery here and I needed something specific and they gave me the wrong thing so I couldn’t even eat it

Briana H.

Waiting 20 mins in the drive thru as the lobby was closed early than post. An hour before close they said the grill was down and there wouldn't be preparing any food. Hey, fine. But put a sign either leading up to the drive through or on the menu stating. Maybe it'll save someone some time vs just waiting.

Razzle Dazzle

I get covid has ruined a lot of businesses and it's hard to find workers.. There comes to a point where you as an owner or manager take action and you show how it's done. It has been years since this Dairy Queen has produced quality food and customer service either it's time for a change or sell it to someone that will actually make a change. And no I do not want a copy and pasted reply saying to give you another chance.

Summer Irean

Very poor service. Didn’t have half the menu items. Don’t speak clearly enough with customers, and they took an extremely long time. They weren’t busy at all.I won’t be coming here again. Usually I won’t leave a poor review but something needs to change before y’all continue to lose customers.

Fizzie Izzie

Wish I could give 0 stars. I am never EVER going to this location again. There was no people in the parking lot and no one in the drive threw but me at the time. However, we waited 10 minutes or more to be noticed or helped.My family got mini blizzards and ended up with just vanilla ice cream in a cup with no chocolate, no caramel, nothing. I myself got a large cherry dipped cone with a very stale squishy cone (i could squish the cone and roll it in a ball)I'm so unbelievably disappointed

April D.

This is the worst dq location I've ever been to. They're so slow, customer service is subpar and there quality is low. I was handed a blizzard that they could not turn over. There way liquid dripping down the sides. No napkins and the blizzard only had Oreo on top to look like a blizzard but beneath it was just vanilla ice cream.

Sky R.

Over charged for an item, when questioned about the price they said they would look into it. The "shift lead" didn't care and handed back incorrect change. Since it was a treat for my son I just let it go but checked the prices again online later and confirmed they over charged. Immature and rude staff, poor quality "food". Pass and go elsewhere. Anywhere but here.

Shellie Harding

Love all things at the DQ


Original fries that came with the meal were pretty bad, they replaced them with fries that were satisfactory. In my opinion its unacceptable when youre spending almost 12 dollars on a fast food item. The chicken was fantastic, overall the experience wasn't bad.

Melissa Mel

They are not special needs friendly to their employees!!! My friends son was called an awful name by a fellow employee and the owner fired my friends son for being upset and leaving !!! I will be letting all my special need mamas

Beth Cook

Don't go there and definitely don't order a cake.

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