Ibendoo ramen

3405 Commercial St SE #150, Salem
(503) 990-8012

Recent Reviews

J J.

So good and full of flavor. You can tell they boil the bones to really bring out the deep flavor of marrow in their ramen. Fresh ingredients and so worth it.

Paula B.

Sooooooooo delicious!!!! They even have vegetarian options! I've been here twice in the last month and crave it all the time! I had the vegetarian broth veggie ramen and added kimchi and chili oil and some togarashi and it's literally what dreams are made of!!! And the tofu bun!!! I wish I could eat one or five every day!

Joseph D.

I love this place! The staff are professional and courteous, the location is good, and the food is to die for. My mom and I had the Char Siu Ramen and a side of Gyoza. The gyoza was nice and savory with a hint of sweetness and the right amount of char on the bottom. The ramen was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! The broth was flowing with flavor, the pork belly melted in my mouth, and the ratio of all the ingredients was good as well.All in all, worth every penny!

Trinity R.

This place is awesome ! Amazing food and amazing staff! My waiter was super nice and the Char Siu Pork Bun melts in your mouth... I will definitely be back

Craig H.

Vegetarian foods can be forgetful and without deliciousness. Ibendoo has delicious menu items for vegetarians starting with the Vegetable Ramen noodle soup appointed with generous fresh accouterments on top; sprouts, mushrooms, and greens with a perfect combination of spices that do not overpower the veggie broth. The Tofu bun is superb. Light, fluffy, and bursting with delicious flavor from the Japanese Mayo. For non-vegetarians - many people enjoy the seafood and chicken dishes.

Kristen Ruiz

Very good food great staff didn’t have to wait a long time for the food


This is one of my favorite places in Oregon. Everything is delicious, even the broth. I couldnt get over the different flavors and how well the meat was cooked. Its such an amazing spot to eat at.

Epicllama llama

Amazing food, the look of the place is very pretty, and the music is a nice touch. The chef comes out now and then , Eveething is amazing!

Sofia Gispert Tello

My favorite ramen spot in the PNW area! Everything on their menu is absolutely delicious, but especially the ramen. It's comparable to ramen I ate while in Japan. Also, love the potted plant milk teas. Definitely recommend! Always a treat when I'm in the area to visit family!

Teri S.

We had crab jalapeños, veggie ramen and char siu ramen- all were outstanding. Each order of ramen would easily feed 2 people. We will definitely order again.

Yuki Molinar

Never been here n gave it a try. Was amazing delicious ramen. Recommend it.

Robert C.

Stopped for something to snack on and was quite pleased with the food. It would have been better if we were able to eat there and not in the car. Dam covid19 and governor jackass Brown.

Dane Caccamise

Best ramen I’ve ever had! Great food and great atmosphere.

Joey Kennedy

This is literally my favorite place to eat. Rocky is wonderful. The entire staff is wonderful, and the food is always amazing. Best ramen I’ve ever had. It’s also the best thing in the world for a hangover

Martin Meng

So far the best delivery restaurant I've ever eaten, very cute hand writing note and tasty so good

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