Kim Huong Restaurant

2950 Silverton Rd NE, Salem
(503) 581-0884

Recent Reviews

Bill Behrend

If in the Salem area, you can't go wrong ordering Pho here. The broth is better than most and they have menu of many other tasty offerings.

Brynn Tognietti

Best food ever !!!! Absolutely love it here . We go weekly

Emily B.

My favorite pho place in Salem! I love the shrimp salad rolls, the pho with flank and tripe, beef marinated in lemon, the pork vermicelli.... Been coming here for years and have taken my visitors from out of town here too! Portions are excellent, service is polite and friendly, seems family owned and warm gentle atmosphere... Definitely got to remember to take pics next time!I've had to go from here as well and always excellent .. most definitely recommend. Also the prices are fantastic and ingredients are super fresh! Definitely seems more "authentic" then other places I've had out here

Andrew Garcia

Wow, really hit the spot! Great food, good prices and generous portion. Ordered though UberEats. If you're looking for a solid Vietnamese fix this is the spot!

Brandon H.

I've been going to this place for a few years now. I've tried many of the local spots, and this one has the best Pho & Bahn Mi in town in my opinion. Very very flavorful dishes, super cheap prices and the staff has become friends. They're amazing. Such genuinely nice people, I can't say enough good things. The chicken pho is my go-to when I'm sick. Clears me right up and feel good again!

Aileen I.

Super good pho I went with a rare beef and brisket sooo much flavor . My husband got the brisket pho . We both got Togo and they give you the noodles and topping separate from broth so it doesn't get soggy. Broth was extra hot so when we go home was still nice and hot to cook the rare beef.My 3 year old can be picky on what to eat but she actually ended up taking over my bowl lol But amazing take out!

Carter E.

I went inside to order and they made sure I got exactly what I wanted despite not knowing the menu well. They made three Bahn Mi Pork sandwiches and chicken noodle pho. It was well made and flavorful.

Harry R.

Ordered earlier in the year, about whenever the whole quarantine situation started, so they were only doing to-go orders so I went and picked up the house special pho for my family of 5. The wait was decent and i got everything I wanted! Totally reccomend!

Allan S.

Great place to eat. Good prices and tasty food. The Bahn mi sandwiches are fantastic. The pho is awesome. I have the number 1 special usually but the sea food pho is excellent too. They are all set up for inside dining and you can call in for pick up or delivery. The staff and owners are great, just kind of quiet at times which some people take as being rude but they are the nicest people I've ever had serve me. Don't judge until you have eaten here. Been coming here a long time and will continue to come back.

Edward Daniels

Was the second place we tried for Pho since moving up here. We were impressed pho was good and the Pho mi was the best I've ever had. Had a good set up for picking up food for the Covid 19 thing. We will have it again soon. I highly recommended this place.

Niurka Perez

The Pho was great and the service was speedy. I got my order to go and loved the way way they separated all the Pho ingredients.

Michael C.

Was the second place we tried for Pho since moving up here. We were impressed pho was good and the Bob mi was the best I've ever had. Had a good set up for picking up food for the Covid 19 thing. We will have it again soon.

Mindy J.

I've been here a few times now and have sampled several items, all of them delicious! Good service and reasonably priced. If it was closer to my house would be a weekly stop.

Trish C.

Had dinner delivered to our door via Uber Eats. First, I must say that there was a glitch on the Uber Eats app that placed our order twice. Kim Huong called me immediately to let me know and instructed me on how to fix it!.....but the best part?? Oh my GOODNESS the die for! We ordered $100 worth of spring rolls, pho, fried rice (2 kinds), bao buns (chicken and pork..oh my!!), broccoli beef, seafood soup....and we were IN HEAVEN!! The prices are amazing, the food is awesome...we will be ordering again very soon!!

Paola Sanchez

BEST PHO in Salem/Keizer. They always serve a lot for a decent price.Thank you so much!

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