3610 Center St NE, Salem
(971) 599-5774

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Kelsey Scott

Great food, fun experience! Been a couple times and the wait staff is really hit and miss on their customer service though, sometimes not very friendly. The delicious food makes up for it though

Gavin Agullana

The food here is great! My friends and I love the miso pork belly. Sometimes the service isn't the best, but just try to avoid rush hours. Would jump to a 5 star if they were more consistent about the service. Some days it's amazing and other days it can be extremely frustrating to get somebody over to change the grill out.Over all though the food is great and it's very fun to go with groups of 4. More can just get tedious.

Bill Behrend

This is a legit Korean style bbq. The packages are many and the menu can be over whelming. The soft tofu soup is excellent. Short rib and pork belly best for grilling. The prices are a little elevated, so bring a fat wallet.

Jared Kelson

We've never had a Korean BBQ before.We came here wondering what it was.Hands down the best service we've had in a long time. They explained the menu to us, showed us how to use the grill that's built into the table, amazing food, great atmosphere.We will definitely be back. This place is amazing 10/10 would recommend.

Emmalyn Fleming

I don’t write reviews, but honestly this was one of the worst places I have ever been to. The food was okay but the service was horrible. I didn’t get a refill on my water the whole hour and a half we were there. They forgot my friends soda refill and we had to ask them about it. It felt like the wait staff actively avoided our table they were nice but not attentive. We sat there for about 20 minutes after we were done waiting to get our check. We had to ask a poor busboy to get someone so we could leave. It’s safe to say I’m never going back and if someone asks I’ll tell them to not go. So disappointing, they should get a new staff or train them better.

Kayla Perkins

This place is so much fun. You can't take the all you can eat home but the standard package is awesome. Heather was the best server! Her timing was perfect, asking us if we needed anymore and explained how everything worked, very well!

Tim Ricketts Jr

Place was really ?... and the service that me and my girlfriend received....It was truly amazing experience ??... Would recommend it to a friend for sure...

Miggy Be

Yea. This place was superb. I have never felt like I under paid at a restaurant, before. Staff very friendly and exhausted, but all still worked so hard. I got the premium package (going to get a higher tier next time). Choices of meat were numerous and flavorful. I only had one round of veggies and sides, but it was sufficient for 4 rounds of meat (not guaranteed for all so make sure to ask for more sides, if needed). Don't let the two hour time limit rob you of the wonderful time you'll spend with loved ones. Enjoy the experience. I'm coming back with rest of family ?

Heidi Jenkins

The food is amazing!! I lived in Korea for 6 years and this was authentic, flavorful and brought back so many memories

Rebecca Fink

Our first time trying this, have totally wanted to try this having seen it done on TV shows. Told our wait person we were new so he gave us a brief tutorial, despite s busy section tonight he was working!We tried the basic all you can eat option ( note: be VERY hungry to do this!) and loved the meats and sauces offered, and the various appetizers and the homemade kimchi is AWESOME!!! Would not mind some more variety on the side veggies ( potatoes are notoriously slow cooking...) I hope to go back again, to try other combos and the take-home left overs option!

Maria G.

I could not give a better review. ALL the servers went above and beyond our expectations. We came with a party of 10 and they were so quick to get our food out and make sure we had everything we needed. We left having to unbuckle or belts. Overall a great experience!

Amanda LaBrasseur

The best Korean BBQ place in Salem. The staff is super nice, their food is amazing, and I highly recommend the Soju cocktail.


Our actual waiter was awful, no enthusiasm and abrupt, interrupting us and not explaining how anything worked. We almost walked out before the first round of food. One of the staff plating, Cheyanne, came with our food and turned our entire experience around. She. Was. Awesome! She explained everything, took over our table and was super personable. We stayed because of her and will return because she made the night a fun experience. Thank you, Cheyanne!!!

Brandon W.

Yum! Writing this review as I'm eating. Stopped here at the Supercharger on my way to Portland and I am so glad I did. I just ate the free accompaniment they give you with the meal that has kimchi sprouts some tofu thing and other goodness. I would've been happy with just that it was so good. Next up are the fried dumplings, which are essentially potstickers. If you've had a potsticker before, the only difference here is they are crispy. Still damn good but if you're looking for something unique try something else. Now to the main event, the bibimbap with beef. Such a pretty dish with several ingredients separated then topped with an egg. The yolk is runny so you can have it dress the rest of the ingredients. The beef on its own is OK but could use a little more sauce or moisture. It comes with a spicy red sauce but it's not too hot if you spread it evenly. I wouldn't recommend dumping the whole thing on there though. The portions we're quite large and the server who helped me with the take-out order over the phone and in person were super friendly and helpful. All in all a great spot!

Jenessa C.

It was fairly busy today especially being a Saturday evening, but our service was great and food was delicious!

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