Los Arcos Mexican Grill

4120 Commercial St SE, Salem
(503) 581-2740

Recent Reviews

Tammy Wooldridge

Great food and the atmosphere was awesome. Service was great just a little slow but they were somewhat busy

karen liudahl

Great visit! Edwin, Breezy, Sylvia... Carmen and I always love catching up. The food was fantastic...the peach margarita so yummy!! We love you!


My friend and I have been wanting to try this place because we are wanting to find a local Mexican restaurant to enjoy. We went in to the bar and the server checked our IDs. My friend’s has been expired because of covid and she hasn’t been able to get an appointment for a while because all of the local area DMVs are booked up. She has an appointment this week to get a new license. Anyway, the server adamantly refused to serve her alcohol or accept her ID even though we tried explaining several times that the liquor board extended the expiration date stuff due to covid and my friend even offered to find the information online because she has looked it up a lot since she hasn’t been able to get to the DMV. But the server was rude and arrogant and wouldn’t listen at all. We left and will never be going back. Went to another bar afterwards and had NO issue with her license.

Jim Jaminet

Really like their food. Good place. Been there multiple times

Jessica Regalado

Service is great all around, food is excellent live coming here.

Brad Potter

Great food, and amazing service

samantha Ellis

Long waite but so worth it and killer prices. Quality food and pina coladas were made very well.

Rosemary Cooper

So good!

John Corbin

Great staff, great food. We had a large group of 10 and they handed us easily. Had the top nachos with steak and it was delicious

Russ Mann

Disappointed all around. The chips and beans were cold, the margaritas was crazy weak. The burrito wasn't toasted and the tortilla was even cold. I was hoping for a nice lunch after getting some bad news but unfortunately I couldn't. I was starving so I ate it anyway.. I won't be going here again. Sorry but there are better choices just up the street. The prices were cheap so I gave it 2 rather than 1 star.

Noma Locust

They have some great dishes. The horchata is super delicious. When ordering take out be sure to ask for plastic ware because they do not add any. Had to eat my food using my fingers.

Steve Ficek

We have always had a great experience with not only the Los Arcos food but also the amazing staff. The prices are great and the food tastes amazing every time. Thank you Los Arcos. I've been a customer since the 90's and will continue being a customer into my 90's!

Bryan G

Food was cold on the inside of my burrito. Waitress wasn't very nice about it either and did not offer any help except a kind of sort of apology. My friend wasn't impressed with his enchilada either. Not the same quality or service as I had in years past. With so many other choices out there I am not sure I would return.

Angel Thornhill

Great food! Atmosphere was a little lackluster, and service could have been better but the food itself was really good.

Ray Carson

It was just as good as it is EVERY TIME . You will never be disipointed in the food or service ! Nice bar as well .

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