Masonry Grill

120 Commercial St NE, Salem
(971) 915-2494

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WOW! First time at Masonry Grill tonight and it was amazing! Our server Maddie was helpful, attentive and fun. The sliders were scrumptious... the lemon drop and raspberry drop were both delicious and mixed well! The guac burger was also delicious! The whole place had a very good atmosphere, many smiling people. We’ll definitely be back!

Khone Kishpaugh

Love the calamari. It was delicious.

Candice Chalmers

pros. happy kind & attentive waitress.

Rebecca Dryden

Great atmosphere inside and on the patio. Good food, big servings, great gluten free options with a dedicated fryer.

Phillip Castaneda

We love seeing downtown Salem being further developed and the presence of creative restaurants. The Masonry Grill is a new addition to the Salem landscape and when you drive by you can't help but want to explore what used to be the old spaghetti factory. Nothing of the vestiges of that ancient restaurant exist as the space has been completely remodeled in a very positive direction . The facade, the outdoor seating, the fire pit, and the whole look of the building has been improbed significantly.We went on a double date last night celebrating friends anniversary and overall had enjoyable time together. The space is nice, the services good, but the major downside of the evening was that the food and drinks were okay, I mean just okay.Two of us in the party had the Brick Chicken which is a wonderful concept of how the chicken is prepared but about 50% of the entre was overcooked and was too tough. There were moments or bites where the chicken was perfectly tender on the inside and those were delightful.We also had a bean burger which came with a fresh appearance and a delicious bun, however, the saltiness was overpowering. My spouse couldn't finish it and left about 1/2 of it uneaten.Our table also had the ribs and our experience would be same as the chicken - it had moments of delight - but overall was overcooked and like the chicken there wasn't enough meat for what you're paying for.I ordered an Old Fashioned to start the evening but it fell flat. Presentation was great, but the orange, bitters, and sweetness of an OF we're not properly balanced against the whiskey. The wine had a slight vinegar aroma suggesting it may have been open for a bit long. The Long Island Tea good!The service staff was very good and attentive, the environment and the ambiance feels nicely elevated, the food presentation is well done, and the space is really clean.Would I go there again and try something else? Yes I would. Something about this entrepreneurial restaurant suggests to me they can and hopefully will improve the cuisine with time.

Danielle M.

I ordered the butternut squash ravioli with chicken and OMG. It was beyond delicious. My husband got the Philly cheesesteak and he was equally impressed. The Gorgonzola fries were the perfect beginning to the meal. Our waiter was extremely attentive and got our food out quickly. We will be back again! And again... and again

Prajedes Martinez

Celebrated my birthday at Masonry Grill yesterday. Had the porter house steak! Good food should make you smile...honestly I almost cried their steaks are the best I have ever had !!!! Thank you Masonry Chef Sam and staff.❤️

Danny Freitag

Outstanding burgers! We ordered the "Blue" burger, which comes with veggies, bacon, and delicious blue cheese! I tried out the curly fries tonight which were great, but next time I will be switching back to the crisscut fries, they are out of this world! Have them with a side of ranch! Tonight's burger was accompanied by an old-fashioned, it was spot on!

Lori F.

To the GM/Owners,I am not going to get specific here, except to say this... your server, Bailey, either needs training or maybe a new job that doesn't involve working with the public, either way, no excuse for her lack of customer service skills. After trying 3 times to get her attention , we were completely ignored, I approached the 2 gentlemen in the kitchen area and asked if they could at least bring menus and water for us..,not only did Sam W grab menus he apologized profusely for the long wait.Sam and Malikii were awesome!! Food was not only perfect, the presentation was outstanding! Thank you again Sam and Maliki for saving the day and because of their professionalism, we will return!

Ben Boyer

Great burgers, good service, amazing drinks. Old fashioned was top notch. If whiskey isn't your thing get the flight of margaritas. You will not be disappointed!

Andrea Johnson

We got the Brick Chicken and the Butternut Squash Ravioli. The raviolis were the best i have ever had by far, but i was kinda disappointed on the portion size kinda like an appetizer i would say, so i would recommend getting a side salad if you are hungry since the side salad was pretty reasonably priced and very good. the Raviolis were medium sized as far as raviolis but i only got 5 of them and 2 small pieces of bread. Whatever they put in that sauce though is just amazing. I will definitely be going back for that again. The brick chicken was super tasty too, although again the portion was kinda small so get the side salad with it if you are hungry. I thought the beer was extremely overpriced, but again really tasty selections. Just not the portions i would expect from a bar and grill.

Marea Bartolucci

Dinner was amazing! Easily the best pulled pork hoagie that I have ever had. The Cluck chicken sandwich was great. Service by Alejandro was superb. Great experience!

Brittany D.

No joke, just sat and waited for 25 minutes after being seated by a hostess and not one person spoke to us. We were not offered water or had a drink order taken, nothing. We sat there as waiter after waiter walked by, so we left our menus and went somewhere else. The table next to us got their drinks right before we left and they had their order taken when we sat down. It wasn't even that busy... It'd take a lot for me to come back here. I try to support local business, but this was a bust.

Melisa G.

Drinks are good. I mean you really can't mess up margaritas can you? We opted not to order dinner due to reviews but maybe next time.

Terry C.

We ordered and devoured 3 pasta dishes - each was delicious. Server even provided a water bowl for our dog friend.

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