4706 Portland Rd NE, Salem
(503) 304-9170

Recent Reviews

Lori Klassen

The ONLY coffee shop I've gone to for many years. You have the absolute best drinks EVER! Just wished you had a way to record by phone number since you don't do cards now because I would have filled 11 cards by now. But it don't keep me from my Dutch Bros! Love you guys!!! ?

Heather Boersma

Food was correct and tasted good. But the wait took for ever.

Renee Lemos

This McD's is amazing. They are fast and never give me problems about getting more sauce for nuggets. I also never have to pay for more sauce. Management is SO NICE HERE!

Penny Davis

Always makes my drink exactly the way I want it.

Guadalupe Serna Serna

Order wrong ,cold burgers, fries done right

R Ne

Quick service.

Jesus Ramirez

I hardly buy McDonald's, at this particular place the staff is rude. I asked my soda with little bit of ice, but the filled the cup with Ice, so the soda tasted like water. I asked the lady why they put lots of ice, and she responded" is the machine problem" then she walked away. If they don't like their jobs find something else because with that attitude they will never see me again, at lease not on this place.

Hanyohime P.

PSA: Don't go here. I just attempted to go through the drive-through and the manager was not wearing a mask or gloves. The car in front of me asked him about it and he got an attitude over it. Once I saw that he indeed was not wearing a mask I just drove on through.It makes me wonder how he runs the crew. I don't want people coughing onto my food and then handing it to me.

byron lanwi

It's McDonald's, not much to say about the food. But staff are polite. Quick service.

Troy korslund

Service is excellent and very friendly customer service.

M. A. C.

I stop by for coffee and a breakfast everyday of the week (Mon-Fri), everyday is a different story. today 5/26/20 very unfriendly crew. Some other days I had to abandon the line because I took more that 10 minutes waiting for the cars to advance. I don't know if anyone else has this problem: the coffee is always wrong! I like it sweet and its hardly ever right!I'm looking for another source for coffee in the morning.

Amy Lillie

This McDonald's was quick and friendly, and most importantly the fries were hot! I would have rated this a 5 but the cashier ran my card without my coupon and didn't offer to make it better.

oumaima fatima

Always fresh, cooked perfectly and can't beat the service and price.

Matthew Mallett

I clearly asked for extra pickles and got a plain burger with nothing on itWish I could post pictures of the burger it was nothing. Paid extra for them to take off all the toppings apparently. ?

Aaron Ray

Specifically asked the girl at the window for ketchup. She had us pull forward to the waiting area. Then when the other girl brought out our food we didn't see ketchup. Asked for it again. She said it was in the bottom of the bag. It wasn't.

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