On Any Sundae

3987 Commercial St SE, Salem
(971) 218-3074

Recent Reviews

Wesley Pruett

We love going there. I can't wait til I get back from the California fires, im taking the family over there... just love it.

Heather Martin

This place is awesome. Great owners, delicious ice cream. Very happy this place is in our community.

Crystal Lacey

Fast friendly service! Delightful creations and delicious treats! Love the home made Choco Tacos!!! And the Dole Whips... Mmmmmmm!

Travis Smith

Great shop. Lots of options. Get your ice cream any way you want it. They've got all the options. Always friendly patient service. There are always large groups with kids. They can handle it!


This place is really cute with nostalgic decor and videos. The ice cream is amazing with a Willy Wonka-esque level of flavors and toppings without breaking the bank!

Elizabeth W.

Too bad you can no longer order outside. We won't go there again. We're older and can't take the chance.

Jillian Torassa

The ice cream was ok. As an ice cream sandwich it was good, but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat there again.

SuSun F.

Best ice cream in Salem! I love the muddy choco & pineapple dole whip. The ice cream sandwiches are huge!!! Well worth every dollar. Service is great!

Lil Mike Olivarez

So delicious. At least 25 different flavors to choose from and toppings and all sorts of options. Will go again

April Niles

This is the best ice cream place around. Must try the dole whip!

Josh Regan

Excellent service and ice cream! Can't wait to go back and try more things.

Jay J.

Staff was nice. But let's be real, their premade desserts they stick in the freezer are pretty bad. You pay $6/7 for what sounds great like their lasagna or choco taco but once they make them, freeze them, then serve them to you who knows how much later it just takes away any excitement from an ice cream stand. It makes it feel store bought with freezer burn. The waffle layers are just soft and honestly I could probably have gotten something better at Walmart. I don't know about their Sundaes or their milkshakes but the lasagna and choco taco were pretty bad. Looked good tho.

Whitney K. Smith

Great variety and service! There is always something new to try.

Ari G.

Old school Mom and Pop Ice cream shop that takes you back to 1985. The decor is Hanna Barbara mornings meets Goonies in all the best ways. The ice cream is all Oregonian and all delicious. The milkshakes are the perfect consistency and everywhere you look something reminds you of childhood. Plus, during COVID they added outside tables and chairs a walkup window... amazing! At a time when it is so hard to do anything, we were grateful to have something special to celebrate our daughter's birthday. Thank you!

Renee Hanson

Such kind, hardworking people working there. Wonderful flavor assortment, really something for everyone. We can’t wait to go back

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