1122 Lancaster Dr SE Suite B, Salem
(503) 588-2915

Recent Reviews

Denise A. Villarreal

Excellent drinks, friendly people and the food was really good ?? . You will see me and my sister.

Kelly Stoneking

I just want to say that the staff that was working at the restaurant at 1:29 where great. They where helping an elderly lady that was having trouble with her payment and they went above and beyond to help her. They treated her with respect. Way to go.

Rocky Fennell

They always take good care of me!

Bryant Malone

Came in and there was a rather large order ahead of me, no worries I get it, but what was frustrating is that while I stood there for 10 minutes plus not once was I acknowledged/greeted by either of the 4 people working or assured they would be with me shortly. Rule #1 acknowledged your customers and if they're going to be waiting say something don't ignore them.

Daniel Flippo

It is a hit and miss but all ways fresh foods! An it is clean inside and all ways welcome when i walk in and they see me. Enjoy the food and like the crow!

Sage Roth

I liked the service at this Subway. Everyone was very respectful. They told people they couldn't get in line without a mask. When I ordered the sandwich I said gf bread and they said allergies or preference? I felt like they were on top of it. My sandwich was in good hands.

byron lanwi

Location is great, easy to find. Right on south Lancaster next to WinCo. Can't miss it.

John Carey

Great staff. Awesome food.

Gogo Sherwood

Nice to be able to go out.


Good food. Reasonable prices.

Willie Peterson

Meatball sandwich with cheese..High pitched voice saying...Awesomeee!

Staar Gaazing

I usually order a veggie salad. Last one I got was a total disappointment. I could have gotten a bigger and better one at WinCo

Haley Cook

This location is good. Lots of veggies. Yum.

Jen Swank

Young employees very rude attitude, they rushed me to order ? and akward for even being there. The employees here could use some more education about respect especially in these times.

Jim McKee

These young folks do a really good job. You have got to try the new Carrot Cake Cookies. YUM. Still a good bargain for your buck.

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