4612 Portland Rd NE, Salem
(503) 393-2608

Recent Reviews

Michelle Eriksen

Super weird way to order...

Christian R. Everitt

It was a great drive-thru experience! Only a small issue was with the tuna's current recipe with it being just a little less flavorful, but I do not put that on the restaurant in particular. It certainly does not affect my patronage to this terrific location, henceforth. Great job, team on our more complicated order. You all are wonderful!

Last First

Not once but twice this place messed up our orders! First the bread was RAW then when we went back through for a remake with the food and receipt the employee was rude and made the sandwiches purposely worse !

Joel Gutierrez

11/10/2020(Tuesday 2am shift)Liars, gave me cold food after couldn't break change had to go and come back asked for it fresh (lied and gave me cold sub) confronted then kept lying told them bread was cold had to call multiple times so they could to Window, I'm a regular customerPoor integrity, lazy late night employees (g

Julio Diaz

Always clutch meals especially when you use there 24hr drive through window.

William Warfstache

I spent $50 to get x2 the veggies. On 8 Foot long Sandwiches. This looks like they were out of stock of everything. There was only one guy so it took almost 2 hrs including wait time at the drive thru to get them they had alot going on but ugh. This is realy a waste of time and money. Please go buy the stuff at the grocery stote make it your self less risky. I would think they could have at least 2 people on duity. I was so hungry I ate it any way but thank you for the over priced bread at least i got enough sauce to choke it down.

Finn Kryskalla

The meal arrived with none of the sides I ordered. Sandwich was fine, but didn't include anything else. Buyer beware.

Chisung Lee

I sat at drive thru a long time nobody responded. I pushed the button for help as instructed and no response. I pull up to the window and nobody was there. I go inside two girls working

Ashlea S.

Every time we go here, the lady with the dark hair messes up the orders. Will argue with you if the order is wrong and will add cheese if no cheese to it. When I've called before to ask a question, I've watched the person just stare at the phone while it rings and not answer. Good thing is it's opened 24/7.

Corey W.

I would give it 0 stars if I could! I have had my order screwed up 4 too many times! Yes! I am a complete idiot thinking you can't f**ck my order up 4 times? I have never been disrespected as bad as I have at this subway, so I am boycotting any subway on Portland rd, they are owned by the same family, I give this establishment and it's owners the middle finger! You won't be getting a dime from me ever again!

Janine Palafox

They have a good variety of sandwiches and salads. Super fresh and tasty. Decently priced.


Dont get food from this subway through the drive thru, they will not make it right. I work late so I'm forced to go thru the drive thru and they messed up the last three times. I wont be going back again.

Wavy Waves

Hmmm pretty dang good!

Dirty Monkey

Good place for after hours to get healthy food

Samantha D.

The food was fine as usual, but the person prepping our sandwich was wearing her mask below her mouth, which is unsafe during Covid-19 times. It's been mandated by the governor that people wear masks inside public places at all times.

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