1310 State St, Salem
(503) 391-9848

Recent Reviews

Stephen Zimmerman

Great sandwich and great service ?

Bob Vanhalder

We have been to all of the of the Subway stores in the area and this is by far the best one of them all.

Tony Roe

This place isnt very organized management wise, I feel sorry for the kid that works there, I've seen this place packed and the manager sitting in back on the phone while 1 person upfront. Food is to grade but professionalism lacking.

Sean Heupel

They only wish their hands for 5 seconds, and they forget what you tell them. Not sanitary, and the lady practically slammed my sides of sauce i had to remind her to include. Never coming here again. Sassy Onion costs more, but you pay for the quality of service


Great service and super quick sandwich making time

Adam Greenblatt

Stopped in and they remembered what I like on my sandwich can't beat that

David Kelly

I love that BBQ rib sandwich it is the bomb

Jodi Williams

Sooo goood

Lydia Hernandez

They make the best subs!And the employees are always really nice!

Janet Friesen

Sorry, I hate leaving a bad review but we placed a group order for lunch. My meatball sandwich was on dry bread and it was cold cold cold. The cookies weren't fresh either. I was really disappointed. I know we are all stressed in today's pandemic situation but fresh is what Subway is supposed to be about. There is no way that sandwich bread was fresh and the cookies were either overbaked or at least a day old.

Susan Hinds

Good food for the price

Rey M.C

Great service, great sandwiches. Had the spicy Italian and it was great. The dudes that work there are professional.

Chioma Umeizudike

Polite and friendly staff, clean and tidy restaurant. Located in an okay neighborhood.

Christopher Chayse

Not much to say other than you can pick out and make your own sandwich instead of getting pre-made/preset meals.

Jen Baye

Always great service, & always get my sandwich right. 😊

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