Yan Yan Chinese Cuisine

3305 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem
(503) 581-3017

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Great food tastes and flavors and friendly customer service, even during take out only phase

Jaime MacNamara-Loflin

I wasn’t impressed with the food for the price. The fried shrimp was very bland. The soup wasn’t good. The fried rice was okay and so was was the beef and broc.I ordered a dinner combo and they didn’t have one of the items for another hour. Okay - but any other option was going to cost me extra no matter what. So I ended pay 17.00 for a 14.00 combo because they didn’t have one of the items done. But they also didn’t have another choice for me at no cost.From a business stand point it makes no sense to me. And is highly lacking in customer service.

Jamie Loflin

Bit flavorless, customer service isn't great, and unprepared.

Brady C.

Super friendly staff, great portion sizes and well made food! One of our families go to Chinese restaurants!

Elizabeth Gullett

My friends and I use to eat here all the time. Rated it it 5* every time. The last time we were there at the end of last year a friend and I went, the table was hardly wiped. I asked for the table to be wiped again. The owner came over and asked what's wrong. I said the table hadn't been wiped enough. Showed her the food that was all down the center. Owner wiped it down. I wiped it down again myself with my own cleaning wiped. I didn't trust her rag was clean. The owner stared at me the whole time we were there!!! Was horribly unnerving, upsetting and was just plain AWFUL!!! We were very uncomfortable!!! When we finally got our food a lot of it was cold. Had to ask to heat it up. Got more scowls from the owner!!!! Finally we got our food back hot. We use to eat at there every time we ate Chinese food but we won't go there again!!! NEVER have we been treated so RUDELY!!! The food wasn't as good as it use to be either. We don't recommend ANYONE go there unless they like to be treated that RUDELY!!!

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Maybe the best Chinese cuisine I've ever had. The sweet and sour pork has a flavor unlike any you've ever eaten. I won't give away the secret spice. The ginger beef or chicken is packed with flavor and great for people with stomach issues. The only Chinese restaurant for me

Jim H.

I only wish this restraunt was every where i love the gum machine it ia the best and only 25 cents

Yer T.

My favorite Chinese restaurant! Every time I order a new dish to try. They never fail to come through! Always super flavorful and comes with a good amount of meat (not greedy).

Alysha C.

I've been on the hunt for the best Chinese food in town... i was highly impressed with my meal tonight. I spent just under $100 to feed a lot of people and everyone loved it. First and foremost, the BBQ pork is a MUST. I've never had any other like it! Second, the General Tso's Chicken is incredible. My kids love the Orange Chicken and they even package the sauce separate in takeouts. Brilliant. Makes for no soggy orange chicken. The best part, they threw in a few extras for us with no charge! I'll definitely be going there soon.

Michael Preedin

While the dining room could use a remodel and update, the food and service is excellent. The people are nice and we hope they are doing well during this COVID crisis.

Alexis H.

The absolute best chinese in Salem! Staff are so accommodating -- considering I'm vegetarian I don't know anything about their meat options but best tofu around! I've brought my carnivore friends and have never heard a complaint. Only place I'll order from. Large portions, great for left overs and great prices. I will always recommend!! Favorites: Egg Roles, Hot and Sour soup, Chow Fun and General Tso Tofu

Nancy DeSouza

What an amazing find from a tiny, hole-in-the-wall location.

Nichole D.

Really good Chinese food. Good quality all around, very nice customer service. They do a great job

Dave Killoran

Best Chinese food period. Great prices, HUGE portions and friendly staff. Won’t go anywhere else.

Rebecca Rushford

I've been coming here For 6 or 7 years and they are as polite and fresh as ever. Great quality for the price, the best you're going to find in Salem that still allows combination meals and special requests. Theyve never messed up one of my orders or made me feel like they were too busy to serve me . Love supporting this business!

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