77 Wind Creek Blvd, Bethlehem
(484) 821-2927

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in par with 2 star properties... like most things the surface with get you there but fake and plastic with low standard of professionalism PLEASE STAY AWAY... INEPT FRONT DESK AND STAFF probably hiring pickpockets and robbers from work re-release. CAVEAT EMPTOR


Stayed one night at Wind Creek while visiting Lehigh. The room was absolutely average. I didn’t expect anything fancy but there’s a couple hotels by the promenade shops that blow Wind Creek out of the water for this price point. The furniture in the room is bleh. The bed is average. The pillows sucked (way too soft). The room smelled like cigarettes. The bed had no blanket, just sheets. You need to keep the room key in the wall to operate lights or the hvac. Weird. I do not recommend this hotel.


Now keep in mind we can stay anywhere ... some of our favorite places are budget (m)hotels ... This was simply odd ... it was like a mall with a casino and a hotel as anchors ... The casino looked like a movie set surrounded by very over-priced resturants ... They claim to have a $5 table but I could not find it ... I was 10 but most were 15 ... The hotel did not have the pool as advertised nor did they clean your room ( covid) ... they didn't even have HBO ... The room was nice but not $200.00 nice ... The staff however was excellent, friendly and very helpful ... This is your call ... if there is a next time, I'll stay at Candlewood and Drive to the casino ...


I do not understand why casinos do not open more tables and why they never open tables with a 10$ minimum anymore. With everything everyone has been through this past year, let us enjoy a game without losing all of our money right away! I just want to be able to play for more then 10 minutes without losing everything because the minimum is $25. Tables at 10 dollars would bring a bunch of people in. Like duh. Hello?? Especially if people are just learning to play. The more fun people have, the more money we would spend. Yes, I tip well when I get to play longer. So please do us all a favor. For the love of God, OPEN MORE $10 DOLLAR TABLES. OPEN A LOT OF THEM AND WE WILL COME.


Once again security does nothing about people spitting in trash cans, on the floor. I was there Sat. nigh saw one guy digging in trash can. 2 other others spit on the floor or in a trash can. I cant believe they let them do it. Don't they want to stay open?? This has been a problem for years here. But with COVID you think they would crack down on them. I don't understand. They bus people in from NY, the roam around not spending money. What am I missing? Clean team haha non existent anymore!!! I really like this casino, restaurants, and hotel, Iv been coming since the opened. BUT with whats going on with Covid, I'm very disappointed!!!


This was our second stay here (the 1st was when it was Sands) The hotel did a nice job of feeling "covid clean" there were even 2 disposable mask and a bottle of sanitizer on the desk complimentary ). There was also complimentary water bottles which I love not being charged 3.50 for like other resorts. The room was very spacious, tons of room. The bed was super comfortable my only issue was there was no blanket or comforter idk if that's because of covid it was just 2 sheets. I just turned the heat up. Bathroom was clean and the vanity area was perfect, the towels are extra long which is a nice bonus, along with slippers. They are renovating and adding a new pool , bar & hotel tower.

Dave W.

This is a clean, decent casino but their Covid cleanliness is subpar compared to what I experienced recently in Atlantic City - for the table games.

The blackjack tables have plexiglass partitions up for 3 players.  The dealers did a nice job of putting out a card indicating that a seat/spot is clean or not clean.  When a spot needs to be cleaned one of the managers steps out with a towel and spray bottle.

That's where things were weak.  The managers clearly weren't interested in sanitizing, they probably don't enjoy this extra menial task being given to them.  In every case I observed the worker 'half pressing' the trigger to spray a minimal amount of fluid and just swiping the towel across a portion of the plexiglass and the table edge.  The seat was hardly touched.  The entire process was clearly for appearances only.

If Covid is a concern for you and you like playing the table games you may want to pass on Wind Creek for a while.


Title says it all every single casino that offers online play in Pennsylvania is 100% fraudulent. Their slots are rigged and of story anything anyone says otherwise is wrong. I've played 100s of thousands of spins and lost thousands of dollars never won anything these people are the lowest form of scum

Michael N.

With smoke in my eyes and a chip in my hand, Wind Creek Casino in Bethlehem unfolded before me like a cubic zirconia paradise. Brightly lit with the cacophonous sounds of a gaming hall but suffocating under the twin nostril assault of embedded nicotine and a depressing sad sack patronage that made the spontaneous visit already my worst decision of the new year.

Vegas has nothing to worry about as this low rent carnival (and replacement for the Sands) had me desperate for the exits in 30 minutes or less. Everyone and everything appeared to move in slow motion clinging to muscle memory with no genuine excitement to be found anywhere. Not sorry we stopped in but genuinely ecstatic when we left.


First impressions were fantastic with Krystal reaching out before we checked in, once we got there Maggie was excellent and truly a gem the entire stay. So lovely. The Chairmans Suite was beautiful and the Jo Malone amenities we a lovely surprise. Perfectly appointed suite with an amazing bathroom. We loved the spacious layout. Thank you Krystal & Maggie for really making it a stand out stay!

Ashley A.

I've called twice to book a room and the automated system abruptly disconnected the call. On hold waiting for a sign of life for 20 minutes now that the third try didn't disconnect. Do better or give up.


Stayed one night with my two Sisters for a little Sister getaway. The hotel was so great! I happened to be the guest of the day, which gave me an upgrade to the Presidential Suite. My Sisters had a standard room. Both rooms were beautiful, like new, and spotlessly clean! It was so nice having the suite because we could get take out from Emeril’s Burger restaurant and eat it at the huge dining table in the suite. Every staff member we dealt with was so helpful and just so nice! Shout out to front desk agent, Juliet, for being a total sweetheart! The people in the restaurant were so nice also, customer service was 5 Star! Thank you to all for helping us have a great night!!!

Stephanie S.

I wanted to I surprise

Each time I was answered with short responses and when I asked if they could expand a bit I was dismissed. It says that the call may be recorded. I think maybe the corporate sector should listen to some of them. It's ok because we're dining and staying at another prominent hotel that took their time and listened. Hey answered my questionsand will only be attending the show

Marie T.

I have enjoyed visiting this casino but lately it has been an unpleasant situation. When comparing Wind Creek with other casinos, they need to improve their sanitation methods. The attempt at social distancing is adequate. However, there is not enough sanitation stations for customers to clean their hands or clean the machines before playing. The thing that I find most disturbing is the fact that are far too many customers walking around or sitting at the machines without covering their face with a mask. Security does not allow people to enter the casino without a mask but once the customer is on the floor they remove their mask. I don't see security staff monitoring the situation on the floor. I saw more security before COVID on the floor than I do now. For one customer to ask another customer to cover their face is taking a risk. Come on Wind Creek do a better job at protecting your customers!

Aundie M.

Was here early August 2020 with my husband and friends. Everything was FABULOUS! Nick at the front desk was super accomodating. Our suite was perfect in every way. Casino floor was safe, Emerils Chop house was delicious. We are totally coming back here!

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