3925 Nazareth Pike, Bethlehem
(610) 849-2426

Recent Reviews

Candice S.

This is my neighborhood McDonald's, so we frequent here from time to time. I have used every service from drive thru, ordering inside, pick up inside, curbside pickup (my favorite).. the staff at this McDonald's is extremely friendly, helpful.. honestly it is the best MCD's customer service. My order is always hot and fresh. They really have never messed up my order. I think one time it took a little long and they gave me a hash brown coupon and a fries coupon without me even saying anything. Which I wouldn't say anything anyway because they always do a great job. My son loves his little happy meals and once in a while we stop for a good old MCD's ice cream cone. Definitely a great MCD's!!

Tim Lasslett

Best McDonald's I've ever eaten at, fantastic staff, never a bad meal and the fastest most courteous drive thru you're ever going to find. Can't recommend this establishment enough.

Kimmie S.

McDonalds is the best!! Their fries are unbeatable, the soda for $1 is the best soda you'll ever enjoy and the burgers are nice and thin. If you've got a sweet tooth end your meal with the Oreo McFlurry - you won't regret it!

Ed Cab

Worse Place. Keep Away. I Ordered A Three Dollar Combo For My Kid And Got The Wrong Items. We Spoke To The Manager There And Got A Rude Reply From Her And Told Us That's What They Have. I Should Of Gone To Burger King Where They Treat You Way Better

Richard Frondorf

This location has always been good. The hamburger that I bought for $1.00 is now $2.01.I’m done! Just too expensive.

Anthony Suarez

Food was good. The price was about 3 to 4 dollars more than other McDonald's. I buy the same thing every week..

Black Diamond Bethlehem

Got the Quarter Pounder with Cheese Deluxe, as they didn't have the battered chicken strips on the menu. It was a good choice!

Michael Hankerson

The lines can look very long but the service is actually the best I've been to as far as a McDonald's

Ivan Garcia

From all the McDonald's in the area this is my go-to. They have the best fries and best deals. Service is quick and easy. The staff is always friendly. I know they are only doing their jobs but they always make my day with the positive comments they make.

Tristin Bedford

Love the staff here always friendly amd helpful

Mad Max

Good attitude from the guy @ the 1st window & good food. Made very well ?????

Meg N

Used the drive thru.Was quick to get my order.Good customer service.Parking lot was very cleanI like the waterfall they have outside in the parking lot..Thanks for reading ..

Cayden Napoli

Im lovin it! No but really though those fries are great!

Jeni Betancourt

I stopped at this McDonald's during rush hour. I went through the drive through. They were very fast and Efficient

Adam Lebouitz

I have never had any issues when mobile ordering with this McDonald's. The service is always on-par for fast food, and the food is always good.

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