Donatos Pizza

1535 W 8th St Suite A1, Erie
(814) 722-5900

Recent Reviews


Our favorite thin crust pizza.

D. Steele

Donatos is a great place for the whole family for a friendly get together and great food and service at this establishment


Pizza is great but they should use coupons.

B Gross

We get pizza from this place periodically and usually have a good experience. The food quality has been excellent. The prices are fair for what you get.One time, they didn't add a topping to the pizza... I contacted them via the web site, and never received a response. ?. Otherwise, we've been pleased.

Sharon Johnson

Very expensive. But tasty


Not ur normal pizza but that makes it really really good

Amy Hixson

very delicious and very nice staff...I highly recommend this place

Bradley Miller

Great service and speed, the pizza leaves something to be desired, but still good.

Philip M.

Tasty toppings and generous portions! Two star review due to this location being across from the park - there should be a stop sign or traffic light crossing 8th street! Almost got hit carrying your pizza across, while clearly walking inside the crosswalk! Please petition the local municipality!

Juliana L.

lady at counter was very very disrespectful upon understanding that i had to transfer money onto another account mid purchase. i continued to be respectful & try to resolve my personal issue. i received horrible attitude from this woman. i called to request a refund & got laughed at. after i said "thank you nevermind" she called back to grant me the refund thru gritted teeth & hung up on me mid sentence.

Mark Haras

We are 1st time buyers, live out of the delivery zone, ordered online, and made the trip. WELL WORTH IT. Wife and I loved the VERY VEGY (we added pepperoni). Loaded with veggies, great thin crust, and a nice mild sauce.

Russ Whittaker

Was in Erie for a vacation and man this place was 100% worth the drive. Fast service, great value and everything tasted amazing! 11/10 would highly recommend!

Angela chiarelli

Great food.. pizza, salad , n subs were so good.. everytime is delicious!!!!

M Carol C.

I placed online order, site said would be ready at 5:15. I was there at 5:15, then said it would be ready in 3 minutes. 22 minutes later they brought the order out and just said "thank you", no apology. I said I would not order from there again, and I was given a song and dance about how they are short staffed. By the way the food was cold.

Melissa P.

My 90 year old Sicilian grandmother had Donatos for the first time and instructed me to "call the owner and say it's the best pizza she has had in a long time." My whole family really enjoyed it.

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