1116 Parade St, Erie
(814) 454-4467

Recent Reviews

Anna Thompson

Cook kept loudly talk on their phone about personal business. Was difficult to enjoy my dinner with my fiancee

steffani Sorge

Great service, good time waiting for orders, and so worth the money spent.

Curry Point (Food truck)

KFC got some awesome fried chick combos.

Karen Klapsinos

I dare anyone to find a piece of chicken in their chicken pot pie. I go for the chicken but stopped ordering a pot pie after I had two chicken-less experiences in the past. I forgot and ordered the chicken-less pot pie again. Per usual filled with gravy, carrots, potatoes, no chicken. I did finally find 3 strands (not pieces-just strands) after digging through it. Go to Giant Eagle for their pot pies. You can actually find chicken in theirs. Recommend if you are a vegetarian! I give 1 star for this experience + two for my other experiences.

Nala Jordan

Dang every time I order y’all always messing up my order if I order a 3 piece and add a extra meat on y’all forget if I just get a 3 piece y’all on have 2 pieces in there like every time going through the drive through or order on the app

Tman noah

The taste of oil was dominant over the taste of chicken this time.. but I like KFC

Rachel Buczynski

Manager Rebecca has a serious attitude problem. Store does NOT have any respect for the customer. *Pull up to pay and first are handed our drinks one which has ice even tho both were ordered without ice, then we r told (after sitting at window for 3 min) that there are no fries and its gonna be a 10 min wait. When Manager Rebecca did come out it was all attitude and zero attempt to make anything right so we got our money back.Wouldn't spend my cash at this nasty ghettodump.

Stella Heather

Slow service other than that the food was good

Amber Wrenn

Very friendly and fast service. Meal was ready quickly during a busy dinner rush. Didn't have just two pieces of my 8 piece meal but asked if I wanted to wait or could substitute.

Pam Brown

Well, I don't think that they changed the oil in weeks, my chicken was cold and very dark brown and did not taste at all good. Because the oil was very very old!!!! Also, I wanted to try there new chicken sandwich so I got one of those and it was very cold and very dark in color taste was awful ??. What a waste of my time and my money!!!! What a way to promote your new sandwich!!! Will NOT be returning.

JR Tyler

Polite and respectful clerks. All food is good. If mix up your order they will fix it as long as you have the receipt.

Richard Simpkins

Did not receive my full order and when I went back to get it they acted like they were doing me a favor by giving me everything I paid for. Not a great experience last time there

Arianna Tangle

Terrrrrrible food and bad service they should take this down and fire every single employee a few good ones but woah

United Nations Lead Investigator

Fast, courteous service.

Tamisha Jordan

Everything was hot, fresh, and well made. Quick service

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